had such a weird nightmare last night

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Chris92, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Chris92

    Chris92 Member

    So i had a redbull before bed last night and I guess that lead to my really weird nightmare. It started off with 2 little girls dressed in all white sitting on a swing singing a rly weird song. The only lines i remember are "all the children are dead in the alley" and "the fridge broke long ago but it still buzzes on", then there voices turned rly demonic and they were screaming so I tried rly hard to wake up. Then i woke up and turned on my light and it exploded and everything was pitch black and there was someone laughing like an evil laugh in the room. Then i woke up again and this time when i went to turn my light on i hit my head on it and it exploded again lol. Then i woke up for real. I had several dreams like this throughout the night.
  2. Andy J

    Andy J Guest

    I had a really weird nightmare too last night. I was laying in my bed as though i was awake with the computer on in the background like it actually is. Suddenly my African girlfriend who i have just split up from appeared next to me in bed. I said "go away what are you doing" and i ran out of the room screaming to my parents. When i saw them they had turned black. My girlfriend came out of the bedroom laughing ( now looking like she had turned into someone else ). I ran back to my room and lay down on the bed and started shaking my head from side to side really violently ( i always do this to wake me up from a bad dream because when i'm dreaming i know i'm dreaming ) but this time it would'nt work and i started screaming MUM repeatedly as loud as i could. This went on for about 10 minutes then i woke up. I was too scared to go back to sleep incase the dream started again.
  3. you both need to burn some sage and purify your space
  4. Ecomancer

    Ecomancer Member

    Hey Chris,
    The two girls in white symbolize some innocent and perhaps authentic qualities within yourself.

    "The children are dead in the alley"
    Even if you don't sense it in waking life, you are traversing a narrow path and severing parts of your character that don't fit down that "alley". In other words, at your age "fitting in" or appearing grown up causes an individual to suppress parts of their character that embarrass them or can be characterized as childish.

    "The fridge broke long ago but still buzzes on"
    In dreams, a refrigerator symbolizes [emotionally] frozen content the dreamer "packs away", which he may or may not be aware of. It sounds like the suppression of character this symbol usually relates to is something you are aware of ("the fridge broke long ago.."), but have done nothing to remedy ("...but still buzzes on").

    I have never seen a dream, where "demon" wasn't truly "demonizing". "Demon" is a negative projection onto some quality or object. True to form, you "demonize" the innocent virtue that exists within yourself.

    The explosion of the light and immersion into darkness is a classic metaphor for the deliberate dimming of the mind and preference for ignorance.

    Hope that helps.
  5. FareakinOut

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  6. Ecomancer

    Ecomancer Member

    Sorry sir, you've guessed wrong. There is not only inherent symbolism in dreams, it actually runs like dialogue, with subject-predicate, syntax and context.

    (Much has already been unlocked on sleep and dreaming. A quick web search on "dream psychology" will help you develop a more substantiated view. That's my two cents.)
  7. Chris92

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    Thanks a lot ecomancer.
    Im not gonna lie most of that was ridiculously dead on, except for the trying to fit in or act mature part.
    The part that was most dead on was the dimming of the mind for ignorance part. Ive really been dissapointed that Im not at a level of awareness where I used to be.
    Can you try to explain the demon thing better, I didnt rly get it.
  8. Ecomancer

    Ecomancer Member

    Thanks Chris, I always appreciate feedback. I'll remember your comments for people with similar dreams in the future, thanks

    On demons, basically to see a demon in a dream suggests you are demonizing an aspect of yourself. To know what this aspect or concept is, look at the object that is transforming into a demon.

    I've never seen a dream where the sight of a demon was actual demonic activity. The dreamer is always projecting a negative view onto (or "demonizing", ha ha) the person/thing identified as a demon.

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