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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by FireflyInTheDark, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    One of my dad's drunken friends and some other guy kidnapped me and put a wire on me that they listened to in order to monitor me all the time. They kept me locked up in the house while they were gone and only let me out for a little while each day. They cut off the house phone and my cellphone (no idea how, since I live in NY and my cellphone is based in Maine on someone else's family plan) so that none of my frantic texts to my boyfriend to call the police got through. The only people I had to talk to was a 6 yeard old and an eight year old (both girls) that lived next door. They listened to me pretty much all the time to make sure I didn't tell anyone that they were keeping me, but I managed to tell them anyway. They heard me muffle the microphone and came out of the house and warned me to "behave." Later, the microphone fell off for a minute and they ran after me screaming at me that they would kill me if I didn't put it back on. I had to serve them food and stuff and go where they told me to go or they always threatened to kill me. Once they threatened to rape me and I informed them that they could try, but I would probably scratch their eyes out, so was it worth it? They laughed at me and called me feisty. I woke up a little before 3 a.m. wondering what was the best way to put a pickaxe in their heads...
    I hate those dreams so much... I'm not a violent person. I'd probably never sleep again if I ever HAD to kill someone, and would most likely have to be through years of therapy/on meds/locked up, but I could never live that way... so who knows if that's how I would really react...

    Any idea what this could mean? I couldn't go back to sleep for like an hour after that and I had to be up at 5:30...
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    i've always been paranoid of drunks with any kind of authority myself. and i'm a guy. and maybe because i'm a guy i don't entirely understand why being forced to have sex would be a reason to feel you had to kill anyone. but i can certainly see not trusting anyone emotionally attatched to emparing their judgement with any kind of authority. that of a parent or any other kind.

    and of either gender either for that matter.

  3. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    It wasn't JUST that they were going to rape me (though that was a fair part of it). It was a certainty I had that if I stepped out of line, they would kill me. If I managed to escape, they would find me. I felt like it was my only way out.
    Like I said, I don't condone violence. I'm not "into it" as a hobby or anything and to tell you the truth, in real life it makes me sick. In the reality of the dream, it was my only option. Now in real life, this scenario isn't even remotely plausible, because 1) the guy has the motivation of a banana slug, and 2) he couldn't operate a cell phone, much less cut off service to a plan that's not even in my name. So whether or not I would have killed them is irrelevent as it will never happen that exact way.
    What was really weird was they were keeping me in my dad's house, but my dad wasn't there... So that makes me wonder what they did with him... That was part of the reason I felt that the only way out was to kill them. They were keeping me as a slave, breaking my spirit, beating me, threatening me, and when they were done with me they would kill me, and there wasn't one person who knew where I was or how to find me. If I was going to survive, I was going to have to save myself.
    So yeah... No idea where it came from or what it means, hence the thread. Just came from out of the blue.

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