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    This is an abridged copy of a report found on the web:

    HAARP'S Covert Agendas
    The Big Picture

    by John A. Quinn
    All material copyright © 1998 John A. Quinn NewsHawk INC

    Posted with Author's Permission


    One of the more covert of HAARP's seemingly countless agendas is that HAARP transmissions can be used for detecting and monitoring electromagnetic or “plasma” phenomena which are precursors of seismic activity and tectonic movement; indications are that HAARP transmissions can be (and conceivably ARE BEING) used to activate or TRIGGER exactly these same electromagnetic conditions which can cause tectonic movement--in other words, HAARP potentially has the ability to cause EARTHQUAKES!

    Certainly such a capability is equally as disturbing as nearly everything else about HAARP, and judging by how other of the technology’s capabilities have been applied, it will also likely be applied in a similarly malevolent manner. I don’t really even want to follow that line of thinking too far, but the implications are clear--and very frightening. Think we have “a problem” here? Well, I sure do.

    It seems that HAARP signals are being picked up by weather radar systems as referred to above. This has been noted in conjunction with some unusual earthquake activity as well; notably at the China Lakes Naval Air Warfare Center in Southern California, where the quakes have been numbering around 100 per day for weeks now and radar images have often shown what seem to be major weather disturbances--yet concurrently the weather satellite shots of the area and local weather conditions reports prove that the skies at these times have been generally calm and clear!

    Something similar occurred on Easter Sunday in the Carolinas. It looked from the radar shots as though the area was being pounded by massive tornadic activity, yet the skies were clear and the atmospheric conditions generally calm. The next day, however, guess what--a sizable and unargueably rare earthquake hit this exact region!

    Yet one more item on the list of HAARP’s covert agendas and applications: Detection of electromagnetic seismic activity which may precede earthquakes -- and triggering of such activity.

    It is becoming very apparent that the radar systems are picking up electromagnetic perturbances which not only don’t correlate to observed actual weather conditions but display totally unnatural formations like perfect circles (often concentric), perfectly straight lines, etc. This same phenomenon, often in conjunction with tremendous and historically unheard-of rainstorms has also been observed in Western Australia, where the concentric electromagnetic energy pulses accompanying the fronts have been so severe as to totally knock out the power grids in the region--exactly what happened in Aukland, New Zealand earlier this year, when the entire heart of the city was without power for months after their electrical grid was literally fried by these EM pulse waves.

    It bears repeating here that some scientists believe that HAARP, especially at it’s current extraordinary levels of power, is quite capable of generating such highly advanced, esoteric phenomena as gravity waves; the ability implement interdimensional/time bending, distortion, shifting, rifting and the like would be along the same lines.

    More and more, the emerging picture of HAARP is that of an extremely severe and very disturbing threat to our wellbeing here on Planet Earth; currently perhaps on of the very biggest threats technologically. This really seems to be their Big Gun, capable of being applied in nearly every imaginable and exceptionally undesirable way.

    HAARP technology appears well suited in general to enforcing a host of the more oppressive and malicious goals and agendas of the evolving “New World Order.”

    The more complete list of primary intended uses of HAARP now reads:

    * Enhancement of or interference with communications, as well as development of new types of radio transmissions;
    * Manipulation of weather patterns;
    * Weapons-related (physical/psychological disablement) and mind control uses;
    * Earth-penetrating tomography -- an X-ray like function which can reveal, for example, the existence of underground installations as well as oil or mineral deposits;
    * Detection of electromagnetic seismic activity which may precede earthquakes -- and triggering of such activity;
    * Generation of gravitic waves, interdimensional/time "portals" and other highly esoteric, relativistic phenomena.
    * “Pushing the envelope" in terms of pumping electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere, just to see what happens.
    * Drawing astronomical amounts of electrical power fro

    (original report was abrubtly cut off here..)
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    You'll probably have better luck getting the response you're looking for on the "paranoid" or "pure bull" forum than you will on the "science and technology" forum.

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