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Discussion in 'True Love' started by Lady of the Freaks, May 26, 2007.

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    Speaking of the Civil Rights movement, as if that were not a fight for peace, the sacred principles that are the foundation of a peaceful society have to be fought for. Having sex for virginity is just a nonsensical statement, but if the members of a society are not willing to fight for the spiritual principles that hold a peaceful society together then the peace of that society will not preserve for long.

    “Know, oh Arjuna, that to fight for religious principles (spirituality) is the most sacred duty of a Kshatriya (aristocrat, member of the warrior class).”
    -Krishna, from the Bhagavad Gita (Song of the Lord)​
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    i was amazed yesterday when my good mate was telling me about this guy bryan (who is soooo good looking), and how he STILL has his blinky bill teddys and toys from when he was little because he could never let them go. thats what immediatly makes me fall for a guy. knowing that he has a soft side. its so attractive.
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    if you're referring to my sig, 'fighting' in this context refers to violent conflict, not a noble struggle. i got sick of hearing people talking about 'fighting for peace' in korea, in vietnam, in laos, in cambodia, in the middle east, in afghanistan, in iraq, etc etc etc etc etc. the concept of a violent conflict producing peace is as nonsensical as the concept of fucking producing my opinion. but i'm expressing myself, you don't have to like it.
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    haha...i know what ya mean...but watch out for him...i think i know that guy. :H
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    I half agree and half disagree, depending on the conflict. I disagree with regards to Korea (how much do you really know about that and how often have you actually heard someone old enough to remember talk about it?) and Afghanistan.

    Iraq and Vietnam on the other hand I am profoundly critical of. I predicted that some fiasco like Iraq was going to happen the day after 9/11 and got some of my friends extremely upset over it. After arguing with me for two years over the Iraq war after it started, the chairman of the Republican Central Committee for this areas, whom I worked with closely on local issue for which we were in strong agreement, ended up resigning from the chairmanship. My arguments can have a crushing persuasiveness if you have to listen to them for long enough. (I got one of his letters read and acted on directly by the President, that is why our relationship persisted despite our incredibly bitter arguments over Iraq, in which every single one of my predictions came true.)
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    There is a difference between child-like and childish. This conversation has ironically done anything but bring out my child-like nature, but I'm the sort of guy that will get down on the ground to play with toddlers. However, being so attached to childhood toys sounds suspicious to me. But then again, I keep my mother’s teddy bear with stocking cap, and her life-like Victoria’s Secret poodle next to my bed, so who am I to criticize.

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