Guys Who Like Womens Panties

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by Cool Dirk, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Cool Dirk

    Cool Dirk Member

    Whether it's just seeing them, sniffing them, masturbating with them , or wearing them .........what 's your panty fetish?
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  2. Cool Dirk

    Cool Dirk Member

    I like when a woman is face down ass up and I slide the panties to the side and open seseme! then I remove and sniff them before proceeding.
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  3. hornyjohn

    hornyjohn Member

    I love panties. But more to see on a woman's body. The way the hug her ass cheeks and press against her mound. I love seeing a lady in sheer panties where you can see her ass crack through them.

    I also LOVE to sniff and lick wet and dirty panties too. Enjoying that intimate sweet musky honey in the crotch of a pair of well worn panties is really hot. I used to steal and sniff my friend's sisters and mothers panties. Thats how I got started. Over the years Ive found and enjoyed many women's dirty panties left laying on the bathroom floor or in her hamper. Its kind of exciting to do it to women I have not been sexual with. Like knowing her most private sexy smells and getting off imagining her pussy and ass rubbing against her panties is a big turn on.

    So yes...i love panties. But im not into wearing them myself.
  4. deathpunch

    deathpunch Guest

    Sometimes when I'm on really slutty mood I wear them whilst fucking a dildo.. I have crossdressing fantasies but my body isn't exactly a... girlish one :D So I haven't ever worn any girly clothes but sometimes when I'll take it deep, I take it with slutty, pre-cum filled panties pulled down to my knees.. whoa.
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  5. Ice_Cool

    Ice_Cool Member

    I had one red underwear of my xgirl. I used it to musterbate with. Then I cut some of the elastic part of it and made it into a wrest ring. I wore it all the time even at work and girls liked it so much they knew its a piece of women's under clothes but were not sure what, they just smile and gave me that look :)
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  6. Dandee42

    Dandee42 Member

    Not into sniffing them but love to slip into my wife's when I get a chance.never thought much about crossdressing but seems the more times you do the more you want to try shoes,bra, a wig would be such a turn on.
  7. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I like certain clothing that shows the outline of a sexy woman's body shape. Especially the butt shape & crack depth. And the outline of her underwear.
  8. LogiCoke

    LogiCoke Guest

    I love sniffing and licking panties with discharge.... :p
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  9. I love wrapping a pair around my cock as I wank, also I've came several times onto the same pair and the girl has worn them for work etc.
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  10. Lafincoyote

    Lafincoyote Member

    I usually scramble them with my eggs for breakfast. Makes for a meal that will stick to your ribs.
  11. I love the thought of sniffing and wearing worn panties from women I know; my boss, coworkers, and other women I meet. Even when they are wearing tight pants and bending over, I think "God I bet her panties are so juicy and smell SO Good!"
    Luckily, asking a date for a pair of her panties isn't as weird as you'd think. Most women I have been with are ok with loaning me a pair...I think it makes them feel like they are being thought of on a daily basis.
    My dream would be to have some fragrant, warm panties given to me by a very attractive woman and she watches me sniff them, lick them and/or wear them.
  12. A nice ass in a G string is probably my favourite thing to look at
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  13. tomf301

    tomf301 Member

    Growing up I used to sniff and suck my step sisters panties before putting them on. Now i still wear panties often
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  14. Bamm

    Bamm Members

    I wear silk and Satin panties 24/7 I started wearing my sisters for the first time at a young age of 12. There is nothing that feels better thin having a pair of silky and Lace panties on my bare skin. And just the fact that I am looking at myself in front of a mirror wearing something so soft feminine and sexy.
  15. Running Man

    Running Man Guardian

    I love sniffing and wearing my wife's sexiest panties. I often wear a pair all day at work which inevitably makes me feel very horny all day.
    I even treated myself to a nice new pair of silky panties to wear when the mood takes me.They are a great fit and feel really good against my skin.
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  16. SissyAmanda

    SissyAmanda Members

    I have worn panties for years, started when I was about 18. Best underwear you can wear, just always buy quality.

    I wear them to work, I've masterbated with them, I've worn all styles, bikinis, hiphuggers, boy shorts, tangas, love them all..
  17. averageguy6

    averageguy6 Average Ordinary Guy

    I love panties! I sometimes wear them, Love to smell them, in fact I have a pair I am smelling right now, while stroking my cock. The smell of my wife's pussy with a little bit of pee smell, drives me wild. It wont take long to cum.
  18. BarryAllen

    BarryAllen Members

    Well it started when I would sneak in to my orders sister's room and I would grab her dirty panties and bras to sniff and lick u toil I was hard then I would put them on and lay in her bed and masturbate.
  19. Palmboy

    Palmboy Members

    I love to wear women's panties and, I love to smell and suck on worn panties and masturbate. It's great
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  20. Dirtylolaaus

    Dirtylolaaus Members

    I also love sniffing them. Started with my sisters and now progressing to my sister in law. She always leaves me a nice creamy pair to sniff if we housesit and if not I rub my precum in her clean pairs... gets me off every time
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