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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Sunburst, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    If I were to become I pirate (which I will. Seriously. My friends and I have started a crew, with titles and roles picked out, a ship designed to give us an idea of what to take over, and everything!), I will take on CD: Great Big Sea. Best songs about drinking, rum, sailing/ships/etc, and that type of thing. Woot!
  2. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    Yep we will be submarine pirates in the Persian Gulf...
  3. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Waterchild is the ship drunk/cleaner person (which is funny because her bunk is at the end of the stairs. It seemed like a good idea at the time, she could get there faster, until we realized she'll probably fall down them:p), and I am the First Mate who likes to be called Captain Kirsten because it sounds cooler than First Mate Kirsten:)
  4. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    There are still lots of pirates around Indonesia. [​IMG]
  5. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Yep, in 2002 there were over 160 reported cases of pirates around Indonesia (103 to be exact), West Indian, China, and like 6 other countries! We'll be pirates without the killing, stealing from those we don't know, raping, etc.:p

    PS: You know what'll make me a great pirate? I'm afraid of fish:pSeriously, I can not swim in a lake or anythign because I'm afraid of fish!
  6. Logan9998

    Logan9998 Member

    i think you'd be a great pirate...just like gandhi would be a great hitman.
  7. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    Hahaha you're afraid of fish? :eek: :D
  8. spooner

    spooner is done.

    i'd like to actually shoot something with a cannon. it'd be so visually destructive.
  9. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    I'm glad you're taking such a healthy pirate intrest... but the fact of the matter is, pirates have to kill people.

    If you're good, you can probably just kill a couple people and then get away with your rep.

    Good luck... matey. [​IMG]
  10. loveflower

    loveflower Senior Member

  11. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    lol I can't get more than 5 feet away from the boat when we swim off boats at the lake. I feel like fish are going to bite me (hey! some have really razor-ish teeth!) or pull me under or something:pI'ma lso afraid I might swim into seaweed or dead fish...

    And Loveflower; that pic is amazing!:p

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