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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by james313, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Just got hold of some white widow seeds but need some advice on what soil and lamp to use. Will multi purpose compost be any good? Been looking for a lamp but theres so may differnt ones. Need one that will work well but not set me back too much while keeping the electric bill low.
    Some info would be great,
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    get some non-prefertilized soil, any will do. mix 4 parts soil with 1 part perlite to keep soil aerated.

    lamps: depends on how big you want it. for 1 plant, get a 250W HPS ballast with HPS bulb and MH conversion bulb. Use MH for vegetative growth, then switch to HPS bulb for flowering. If you want more than one plant, get a 400 or 600W light. don't put MH bulbs in a HPS ballast though, make sure its a MH "conversion" bulb. you can find some of these lamps on eBay for ~150-200$. if you think that is too pricey, then you aren't willing to grow it properly and therefor shouldn't waste your time. you cannot skimp on light.

    don't feed fertilizer until 3 weeks old. for vegetative growth, use something high in nitrogen, and lower in phosphorus and postassium. then switch to a fertilizer high in phosphorus for flowering, lower in nitrogen and potassium. make sure to add the micro nutrients as well occasionally. DO NOT OVERFEED!! start at 1/5 the recommended strength. and DO NOT OVERWATER. only water when soil is completely dry.

    hope that gets you started.

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