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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by chris_1661, May 25, 2006.

  1. chris_1661

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  2. Blighto

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    People grow up at different rates. I dont feel fully grown up yet, and im 21. Dont worry about it.
  3. Gypsy_girl

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    Chris, considering your other thread about feeling worried, I honestly think you take the opinion of people on the net to heart way to much. Sorry to be blunt, but that's how it seems to me. Sounds also that you feel as though you do'nt do much o away from the computer, am I right there? If so, how about getting involved with something at colledge like a writer's group for instance, or whatever club / group they have going there to do with whatever your major hobbies are, and if there isn't one, you could get one going! :)

    Hope that helps and good luck.
  4. STON3R

    STON3R Member

    Chris, i have seen many of your posts. And i think i have a cure for some of your problems. Sweat Sweat Marijuana, become a stoner my friend. Mabye it will change your mindset a bit. And the post above me is right, u take people opinions waaaaayyyyy to seriously. U should have a " I Dont Give A Fuck" kind of attitude.
    If people dont like u it is because they are fucking losers in the first place. <------------See that is how u should think!!!!

    Good luck
  5. True. Age is a number, maturity is a mindset (but then again, Blighto has Vash the Stampede as his

    Smoking weed isn't for everybody. It also doesn't instill a mature attitude for someone, all it really does (from my experience of being an almost everyday stoner for the past 2 years) is mellow you out and you can see things differently. Before I smoked, I was raised by some pretty anal retentive parents (when it comes to ordinary things, but with sex and substances, they were pretty cool) and it wore off on me, so I was hypersensitive and I took things too seriously. After smoking, I made countless friends just because I was more laidback and understanding. Now if you consider growing up smoking pot though, I don't think that is a very good mindset.

    In short, you will 'grow up' eventually, it happens for some very quickly, and others... well, not so quickly. Also, the term 'growing up' is very subjective, too. It will happen with time, just like a lot of things.
  6. Quality

    Quality Banned

    liek rawk onnn boi!!!1!!2! smoke teh majickcle erbsss. 420 4 lifeeeee

    moron. seems like there's two people in this topic that needs to grow up.
  7. .Hannah.

    .Hannah. Member

    Who cares?

    Grow at your own pace. If you feel you're lacking, go out and learn. Join groups, organizations, get a job. Learn some responsibility, team building skills, what cooperation means.

    At the same time all this bullshit about growing up is so overrated. Enjoy your youth. Never compromise all that acting your shoe-size crap.

    I don't see calling people names like "moron" any better than suggesting to smoke weed.
  8. dietcoketree

    dietcoketree Member

    find something you like to do besides playstations and computers. get out of the house and socialize. you said your 17, so i assume that your in high school, not home schooled, and have the ability to go out with friends and stuff.

    pick up a hobby like a sport, music, movies, art, running, just whatever. girls love a guy with ambition and drive, so that will help you out in the girl dept. as in for friends, getting involved in a program will help you to meet new people.

    i dont know if that will help you feel more 'grown up,' but it wil make you more comfertable to the point where you probably wont care what stage of growing your in. theres nothing to rush about when your growing up. youll be 80 before you know it. :)
  9. chris_1661

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  10. Kinky Ramona

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    I honestly think a lot of your issues may be the fact that you're younger than all of your peers at school. Or is 16 the normal age to leave high school in Europe? I have no idea. But I know in America, 18 is generally the age that kids graduate high school, and then they go off to college (or whatever they choose to do). You're 17, you can't exactly be expected to go out and be Mr. Maturity quite yet. You still got a bit of growing up to do, you know? I'm 19 years old and still have yet to outgrow my "Mama's Baby" syndrome. I think that sort of leaves you when you have to be out on your own. Don't worry too suggestion would be get a job in a fairly small business (a small shop or something of the sort), make sure the management knows of your Asperger's after you're hired and print of some material for them so they'll understand, and start working. It's amazing how much a job can make you grow up in just days. The responsibility is a nice empowerment and I think it might do your self-esteem wonders. But don't feel down if you have difficulty getting out there and making yourself known to employers, I've got bad social anxiety, so I'm still afraid to talk to employers myself...heh.

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