growing shrooms?

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by oneofakind2008, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. so i know how to grow pot really well and everything about the ph of the water an soil for it and plant food, basically everything u can know for growing pot but now i just wanna get some more of a phycedelic trip once in a while and make some money doing it, so i wanna know anything about making shrooms really good, how to grow them anything u guys know about growing shrooms besides there nocturnal and need shit and dirt and water tell me please, and that would be sweet, thanks
  2. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    Dude, careful with growing the mushrooms. You really need to follow guides and you need an extremely sterile environment or the mushrooms could become poisonous and make you sick! Read lots of guides on the shroomery and see about spores and grow boxes on other growing websites... I advise you to be super careful when growing mushrooms, it's a delicate process...
  3. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    Growing psilocybe mushrooms is really difficult.

    You will need a decent amount of cash to get the materials you need to get started. Look on the Shroomery to see if you think you're up to it- but make damn sure you know what you're doing first.

    Colimon is right- mushrooms become EXTREMELY sensitive to germs, a batch of mine died out completely simply because the cake was exposed to air for less than 5 seconds.

    I'd recommend using the PF-Tek cake method (brown rice) as it is the most beginner friendly- but not by any means easy. I would suggest purchasing 5-6 syringes of spores, in case you mess up, your cakes become contaminated etc.

    Good luck, and if you decide to do it, take some pics and let us see how they are coming along.
  4. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    I've also been very interested in growing 'shrooms. I've read up extensively on it on a few different sites. It sure doesn't seems very easy. Although there are some sites that sells kits which could make the sterile-ness easier. Crazy fungi and they're getting infected.

    The only site I've found that will shipa growing kit to the US is:
  5. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    Growing shrooms is a lot of work, a lot of trial and error- and a lot of time.

    But oh-so worth it.

    You can buy a syringe of spores for 10$, so if you're willing to drop like $30-40 on a couple syringes, you can guarantee yourself at least some success. Id say give it a try- the rewards are beautiful, and if you're interested, you could make a lot of money off shrooms.
  6. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    Well, during the 6 week process it IS extremely hard. My friend from the country said a couple jars were a lot of work keeping them sterile and cleaning everything every time he opened it. He said he didn't make much money (except from me, which wasn't much either), but he said it was worth it because he has many good mushrooms now! Haha! Careful with this, he's right, use grain or brown rice methods, they're esiest!
  7. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    Yeah, I'm looking at that grow kit now, looks like a snag deal.

    Isnt that illegal in the U.S. though?
  8. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    No dude, those are not illegal in the USA until the fungus is actually present on the cake or any illegal substances are present. You should be ok getting it in the mail and everything...
  9. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    Hmm, it says customs might intercept it.

    So if that happens, I will not get prosecuted for any criminal activity will I? And do you think the chances are good they would spot this?

    This shit would be easy as hell, I just wanna make sure this can work and how legit this website is before I throw 70$ out the window.
  10. Magic_Man

    Magic_Man Member

    You can put something together to do the job without sending off for that box but it will make the experience easier. If customs intercepts it you won't be prosecuted successfully but I wouldn't order syringes in the same package.

    I'm trying the build your own method, my wife loves the pressure cooker but I haven't been able to keep my cake from contamination, they keep turning an awful shade of black. Something isn't getting sterile so I'm back to the drawing board.
  11. in da snake

    in da snake Member

    it will cost you around 60+ to get all you need to start depending how thrifty you are. I'm just starting and i'm using the pf tek but you might be more interested in the rye seed tek... is the best place for information just read there faq and guides....I'm still waitting for my first grow but so far everything is working great.
  12. lostdazedintime

    lostdazedintime Fucked in the head

    have any of you guys tried the hydrogen peroxide method?
  13. nesta

    nesta Banned

    i've heard of hydrogen peroxide being used in a few different ways. how are you referring to?

    anyway, i dont know what people are talking about with it being expensive or difficult. i find it, at least with the PF tek, to be incredibly easy. all it takes is patience and care.

    btw, there is a mushroom forum. mushrooms are also not plants, and soil would be a bad medium for them to grow in. there is a plethora of information on the topic available online. just google "PF Tek for Simple Minds"

    my first grow only cost me 20-30 bucks. 10 or 15 for the spore syringe, plus a few bucks for vermiculite and a few bucks for a bag of organic millet flour (i started with millet flour instead of the traditional brown rice flour - it works just fine)

    instead of buying half-pint canning jars and punching holes in the lids, i just used very small drinking glasses and covered them with aluminum foil for a lid. the syringe easily pierces the foil. using the PF tek the verm on top acts as a filter anyway, and technically if the jars were kept in an airtight container to prevent any air movement disrupting the filter layer, a lid would be unnecessary. the PF tek can be successfully accomplished by placing the jars in a big pot and steaming (like with a vegetable steaming basket) for 45 minutes rather than using a pressure cooker.

    basically everything you need minus the spores, verm and the right type of flour, is already likely to be in your home. and if you haven't got anything to use for a fruiting chamber, then just do it in vitro

    i have long contended that growing mushrooms by using the PF tek is no more difficult than following a recipe to bake a cake, it just uses a different vocabulary that you need to learn.

    its easy, and if you follow the directions step by step you WILL have success. hell, first time i grew i was still a junior in highschool. whats more is the fruiting happened almost entirely while i was on vacation in canada during my first grow. left a colonized cake, returned with a cake with some hefty cambodians all over it! and my fruiting chamber? a candle stand with an upturned plastic cylinder from some sort of packaging. like a can with no bottom to it. of course i cleaned everything off and disinfected first, but you can ghetto rig a setup that will work for personal use.

    i'm surprised that one actually worked, though.

    but those were some beautiful shrooms, too! textbook cubes, big, and a slightly over matured (dropped spores made me freak out at first thinking some sort of mold was growing on them!)

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