Growing hawaiians - black caps and some other stuff

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by mushmush, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Hi everyone!

    I have a couple of questions to ask you. I have been growing the hawaiian cubensis shrooms for a couple of weeks now and while they are growing some of them get completely black caps. They are not aborts, because they continue to grow despite that. I would like to know whether I can eat them or how to prevent that from happening? Otherwise the shrooms are fine, if you slice the body its perfectly white on the inside and everything appers normal. So if I remove the cap (which seems rotten to me) can I eat the rest?

    I just had the first flush and I dont believe that they are contaminated. The mycaelium is perfectly white. Also not all the shrooms turned black. I have so far grown various types of shrooms and never had this problem, save for one time. And they were also hawaiian. Does anyone know anything about this? Help would be grately appreciated.

    Just one more question - not entirely related this subject. Is it true that if you mix various types of cubensis that their effect is stronger? I have tried this once, ate some koh samui shrooms (2g) with a pinch of hawaiian (0,3g) and had a remarkably strong experience for such a low dose. I can not say whether it was the quality of the set and setting or the shrooms. Any thoughts on this? I know that the shamans would not mix them, are there any reasons for that?

    Okay, thats more than enough for a first post. :p

    Peace to all,

  2. Are you sure that it's not just spores that the mushrooms have released onto each other? If you let them go too long before picking they will drop their spores all over they are dark purple, black. If the inner flesh is white and they don't smell contaminated eat them.
  3. mushmush

    mushmush Member

    The bigger shrooms did not drop and spores, I am pretty sure about, because all the caps were still closed. On the inside they are normal and the smell seems normal also. Thanks for the advice
  4. nose

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    yup just sporulation i can think of no contams that attack fruitbodies themselves and turn them black especially if there is no rotten smell

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