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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by WeeDMaN, Jan 23, 2005.

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    I live in a new house and have inquired a closet that noone will be entering, so now, I have an empty computer case to be the vegetive chamber for the smallest/skinniest plant. A blue box for some other plants(vegetive/flowering chamber). and a ledge with a light over it for my clothes....

    Here is how it will work:

    10 seeds are soaked in a glass of distilled water for 24 hours.
    10 seeds are each placed 1/4 inch deep in seperate plastic trays/cups.
    the are covered in warm soil and watered.

    All 10 are placed in the closed on the ledge.
    They stay in darkness for 3 days.
    then a light which is an overhead already wired socket with a 60 WATT light bulb(120 V). I could also switch this to a 15 watt fluro(prolly useless since its 1 to 1.5 feet over.

    The 10 plants are then grown there for about between 2-4 weeks then each are picked out, 1 for the vegetive chamber, as many as I can in the vegetive/flower chamber, and the rest will be grown over the 60 watt, the ones grown over the 60 watt, will be saved there until bigger and last frost threat is gone so I can plant them outdoors. the rest are kept inside until they where done....

    List of lights and for what
    60 watt light/Ledge
    2 lamps,each between 100 to 200 WATT bulbs/vegetive/flower chamber
    1 lamp,100 WATT bulb/Vegetive chamber.

    Soil mixture
    either %100 Soil or %90 %10 Perlite
    I will prolly end up jus planting them and watering them(I dont see how a wild plant could survive if the plant actually needed to be fed wit miracle grow every week or 2.) Plus everything it needs will be in nature(I hope :p)

    Closet over view
    ledge |plants here|
    |lower part of closet|
    Vegetive Chamber| Vegetive/flower chamber|


    I hope u can understand this or else I may have to draw a pic or find a way to fix my digital camera (wont turn on by the way, and the batteries have been changed to new ones).

    Thanks for all the help/comments u can provide me with.
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    what u guys cant help a brother out.....

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