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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by knowboddy, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. knowboddy

    knowboddy Member

    The other day I was having a conversation with another grower I know about, what else, growing! In particular we were discussing grow lights and we had a bit of a disagreement over what was the best in terms of actual performance, overall cost, cost compared to performance, and so on.

    Obviously I think I’m right and he thinks he’s right and it doesn’t honestly matter who’s right as long as we’re both happy with what we have, right? But the whole thing got me thinking, as any good debate should, about whether or not I’m actually right. If I can’t doubt myself, my mind isn’t open and I can’t learn anything.

    So what I’d like to do is turn the questions over to you, and ask you what you think on the subject. I don’t want to inject the particulars of my debate with my buddy since I want to avoid it turning into a conversation about whether he or I are more right than the other. I’m just looking for honest, untainted opinions. So here’s what I’m thinking: we have HID (MH/HPS/CMH), Plasma, LED, Induction, and Fluorescent (CFL, T5, etc.) lighting. I don’t think that’s leaving anything out. Some are more expensive than others, some have better spectrums, more/less heat, more/less lumens, you get the idea.

    Which do you think is best, and in which situations and for which growers? Say you were going to advise someone new to growing, what would you say is the best starter light? On a small budget? Big budget? For an experienced grower? What do you use? What would you use if money were no object?

    Answer any, all, or make up your own criteria/questions and answer those. I’m looking for any and all thoughts on grow lights.
  2. deleted

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    on a small budget. rip off billboard lighting, spend little on bulb replacement.

    money no object. HID over head and LED panels on the sided walls..

    Im just getting your thread going. not writing a book ,Im a old squirrel. .nuts please.
  3. big kahuana

    big kahuana Guest

    If anybody has limited space and or funds, cfls are sufficient for personal use grows.
    Suprisingly excellant buds can be had with properspacing of lightsin relation to the growth pattern.
    I like using cfls. I wouldn't be medicated without them.
    Does anybody else like using cfls?
  4. deleted

    deleted Visitor

  5. I actually grew 4 plants in a closet years ago using only a inferred heat lamp bulb. I had no clue what i was doing and had not researched it at all. Why I chose the heat lamp is beyond me but it did work and the plants reached atleast a 3ft height before a bitter ass roommate decided to strip them while i was outta town.
    I will definantly be following this thread as I am looking to try it again but with another set up perhaps. :)
  6. Gideon2

    Gideon2 Guest

    LED grow light ,with red :blue =7:1 is very suit for plant grow.instead of the sunlight.
  7. Bud D

    Bud D Member

    I'm curious about black dog phytomax line of lights. They have a new 1000 watt LED light, it's expensive. I wish I had 10 grand and legal rights!

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