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Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by maskedHero, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. maskedHero

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    I just read something that triggered a few experiences i had when i was in college. would also like to hear others details on your experiences from this topic.

    here goes, def making me lil hot already thinking of it. it was my first yr away from home and at a new school. i often touched myself at specific times in the comfort of my parents house. couldnt just jill myself off anytime i wanted. always had to wait for my mom and dad to leave for work so i could sneak into the basement where my dad hide his porn collection behind the entertainment system.

    i was given a laptop for school and all the work i was do face in college.(porn machine from heaven hehehe). i would often take my laptop into the court yard where students would sit under trees or in benches studing or talking amoungst themselves.

    being that it was only my second week at school, i didnt really know many ppl. i found myself often sitting up against a wall in the court yard,so no one could see what i was looking at , with earphones connected to my laptop watching porn.

    i always had few books open and my notepad just incase someone did get close i could easly look like i was working on something. well it had been bout 2 weeks since i had touched myself mainly because of the lack of privacy. our showers few open to all the girls as opposed to seperate shower stalls. cant tell you how horny it made me watching other girls wash themselves. i even overheard two of the girls that were on my dorm floor make the same comment bout watching the other girls showering. they laughed it off and started talking alil lower.

    so anyway i was in the courtyard and my panties were getting extremely WET!! It was such a rush to watching porn while strangers walked right by me.

    well the two weeks caught right up to me because i had to get myself off. i could not hold it in any longer. knowing that my roomate, which i barely spoke with at this point, was at class, i finally decided to go to our room and let off some steam. my pussy needed touching really bad.

    after getting back to our dorm room, i was pleased to see that the room was indeed empty and i could give my pussy the intense orgasm i knew was begging to be released.

    being that i was no longer in public and had the room to myself for sometime before my roommate came home. i stripped naked and had porn going with the sound on/ no headphones. i was so hot and heated walking back to my room that my pussy was already wet and dripping by the time i started touching myself.

    i was really into it, rubbing my clit with one hand and fingering myself deep with the other. i was so into it that i didnt realize my roommate had skipped her class and had walked in the room. well the door was a good distance from our beds, and i must have been really into it because she was already sitting on the edge of her bed before i noticed she was in the room.

    i froze up instantly!!! the waves for fear was the first thing i felt come over my whole body. it was far far too lated to even begin to cover up with i was doing. i couldnt cover myself up fast because i was laying on my covers. the porn was going on my laptop at a very hearable volume and my legs were split open and my fingers were drenched with my juices.

    well i guess she noticed my the second she opened the door and decided to slide into the room very quitely as to not draw my attention because she had to look of being completely turned on. so very quickly told me that it was ok, and that she has been dying to get herself off too since school has started.

    i sat there for a few mins while we talked, at this point i had just excepted that i was caught and was trying to cool about it because she seems Amazingly cool bout it also. she told me to continue what i was doing, and that she always wanted to watch another girl touch herself.

    i sat there naked with my legs crossed, fingers still wet and pussy was still hot. giggling i told her i didnt really feel comfortable doing that so she quickly got undressed. watching her take off her clothes kinda put me at ease. i was sitting up on my bed and she was on her bed few feet away.

    she pulled out two toys from one of her drawers and tossed one on my bed. she had a naughty look in her eyes. she starting touching herself with the toy and i felt comfortable enough to do the same, we both watched the porn together and watched each other got ourselves off a few times over. it was soooooo hot.

    amazingly after we both laughed about it and she told me that her toys are mine when ever i wanted to use them, as long as i cleaned them when done, we never really touched each other but we had a few more intense masturbation sessions.

    i still to this day think of those times whenever im home alone and horny. kinda upset we never took it to the next level.
  2. RandomOne

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    that is SO hot. Why aren't my college experiences like this?
  3. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    College was boring for me by comparison
  4. revvdup

    revvdup Member

    sheesh, i nearly jizzed b4 i got to the end. thank god you didn't type anymore up
  5. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    Hot story indeed. *throbs*
  6. GleichKnallts

    GleichKnallts Member

    yes, hot "STORY", indeed.
  7. revvdup

    revvdup Member

    story or not, i enjoyed it :cheers2:
  8. GleichKnallts

    GleichKnallts Member

  9. Mooner

    Mooner Member

    "but we had a few more intense masturbation sessions. "

  10. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    There was a secret society in college that could have been a place for group masturbation- one of the members sadly died from the same cause as Michael Hutchence, though it was hushed up to save embarrassment to his family.
  11. Rodeo229

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    I've never done groupm masturbation, but it sounds pretty fun. I wouldn't mind jerking off with other guys. It's a turn-on to have people watch you cum.

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