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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by jess40, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. jess40

    jess40 Member

    ok any grey/white dreads here..i am 48 and very grey-short hair- but have started my journey
    Grey seems harder to dread as it is courser and straighter
    Anyone here successful at growing grey dreads(90% grey now):ha:eek:
  2. DetunedRadio

    DetunedRadio Member

    Hello :) how long is your hair? and are you trying to back comb/crochet? or just separate over time? plus you probably already know the difference in Dr B and almost everything else of a shelf for washing your hair. I have very coarse hair, and at one point was "chemically" straightened. They are still doing their thing normally.

    good luck
  3. zilla939

    zilla939 Thought Police Lifetime Supporter

    of course your gray hair will dread! but you will need to have a little length to it before you see the progress.
  4. Callie4Strings

    Callie4Strings Official Spokes Bitch

    I dont have any advice..I never do..hee hee
    Just wanted to give you a big high five!!!!
    Im fighting the greys every step of the way!
  5. mamamojo

    mamamojo Member

    I am no help either but I think grey is distinguishing. Grey is better than bald, no?
  6. Smelly D

    Smelly D The Dreaded Plumber

    doesnt SE have grey beard dreads?
  7. Callie4Strings

    Callie4Strings Official Spokes Bitch

    Your siggy makes me smile...You have such a kind thing about you!
  8. jess40

    jess40 Member

    lol....yup gotta be better than bald!!!!...........mmmm.......mind you.........
    thank you guys for the encouragement, I have NEVER been one for patience...however that is indeed will be what this journey is
  9. chu23

    chu23 Member

    i think grey dreads show age and a nice distiction to them

    i cant wait to my dread go grey sounds crazy i know
  10. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Yeah, I believe he does.

    By the way, where's he at? Haven't seen him for a few days :/
  11. mamamojo

    mamamojo Member

    Aww, thanks. I like yours, too. I wanna see you with that hat off, though ;)
  12. Callie4Strings

    Callie4Strings Official Spokes Bitch

    A little fuzzy...but this was taken last weekend..right at 6 months
    I have massively thick think Im gonna have oodles of doodles...if the lil bastards will ever grow!

  13. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    Callie yourso pretty:)

    and OP,yey for grey you have any pics to show us?
  14. Callie4Strings

    Callie4Strings Official Spokes Bitch

    :Dawee thanks Luxie.....not so bad there yourself lil sista!
  15. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    yea i got grey dreads in my beard
    im just 6 years yiounger then you but so far the heads only gotten a few random greys

    outta all the dreads i know i think at least 1/2 are grey dreads, around here theres alotta yioung dreads and new dreads, but more of the dreads i know from all ovedr have had theyres many years, and several started later in life
    grey dreads definately look great on everyone so lets see em

    id probly be lil hesitant to backcomb as i think grey hair maynbe lil more prone to breakage, but ther good news is it shouldnt make it any harder to go natural
    id give natural a good try, several months at least then if theres no progress at all try twist n rip gently just to get it started, but i dounbt it will be nesacary

    was just looking through my galewry trying to find some pics of some greydready freinds but got lazy and thought google might be quicker ..when u type in grey dreads u get scatteredleaves sig opic on page 1 alotta synthetic dreads goth chick dreads and only 1 id really call grey dreads in the 1st dozen
    but f ya come on out to the new mexico gathering in july you'll see plenty of grey dreads that look amazing

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