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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by homeschoolmama, Apr 23, 2007.

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    I keep peeking at this forum, but haven't really had the nerve to post.

    I grew up in the country where our next-door neighbors was a field of cows, and traffic jams were caused by geese crossing the road at their leisure. And I grew up barefoot. From the minute I got off the bus after school, until I got onto the bus again I left my shoes behind. I ran through sticker-patches, (cockleburrs) climbed trees, and rode my bike all over the "city" barefoot. My parents were very rule-minded, so whenever we went into a public building we had to wear sandals or shoes & we HAD to wear boots during the winter to prevent frostbite... but anywhere else we were allowed to run without them.

    But then I got married & moved into the city. I look into my yard & see things I would NEVER want to step on. The sidewalks aren't much better, and the only grass I have everyday access too has been poisoned to the point that I wonder what the health risks would be of running through it without shoes. Inside the house I'm still barefoot. And we vacation where I can run without shoes to my hearts content. But whenever I step out at home, I feel as if I have to pop something onto my feet. My kids are being raised the same way... to be barefooted unless we MUST have foot protection, but it seems like we're ALWAYS wearing shoes here. Does anyone else live in a city? How do you deal with this? We're working on saving enough money to move our home to the country, but that will take years still. Does anyone have any bright ideas about how to go barefoot in the city without getting sick?!?
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    I go barefoot in the city all the time and have not gotten sick or injured in 5 years.

    Some things may seem gross or other things like chemicals and stuff may seem scary but actually there is almost no harm being barefoot in the city as long as you watch where you step to avoid glass and stuff (This actually comes easy to you after a short time,almost like a sixth sence.)

    I get people saying all the time you are going to step in some chemical and get sick, or you are going to catch ringworm or something.
    The fact is there is not a lot of stuff that will go through your soles. If chemicals are on the ground or grass there is a low risk of them getting into you though your feet unless its some chemical that was just spilled and is still wet but in the city I have never seen that, if there are any chemicals they are dry and harmless.

    I would just say try going barefoot more and the only real thing to worry about is steping on something sharp such as glass but if you watch where you are walking it would not be a problem. After being barefoot for a while your foot will get tougher and you can then walk on glass without harm .Unless you step down on something totally jagged like a beer bottle bottom, but you would see that.
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    I barefoot around the city too, and I agree with MirrorBallMan, avoiding glass, sharp objects, or questionable substances become a sixth sense.
    I usually have flip flops with me just in case, but some days I don't even feel like going to a place were footwear is required, and leave the flip flops at home. it's all to your own discretion though, because every city is different.
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    I've never had any problems going barefoot in a city. New York, L.A., San Francisco, etc. Never give it a second thought. Streets, subway, parks, whatever. Once you're used to being barefoot, your feet are tough and can handle the hot pavement, concrete, cobblestones, etc. It was very common to see other barefooters in the Village (NYC) but not anymore.

    Just do it! Yeah, I've gotten some glass slivers in my callouses but I just pick them out with tweezers. Most times I can't even feel that they are there. If you don't like black feet then wear shoes. Your feet will get dirty quickly in the city, especially in summer.

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