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  1. Hello there! We are a couple, Bill & Shelly, living near New Philadelphia in eastern Ohio. We are both in our early 40’s and have three children ages 11-15 who are very well-behaved and mature for their ages, intelligent self-thinker types. Our children were born at home and are homeschooled. We have been working towards a more self-sustainable lifestyle on our 19 acres with horses, chickens, garden, lots of maple trees for tapping. As we often feel like misfits in the fast-paced, materialistic society around us, we are hoping to meet some new friends who share similar values and goals. In addition to making new friends, we would also like to meet others interested in exploring the possibility of sharing a communal lifestyle here with us or perhaps even a polyamorous relationship. Hope to hear from some of you soon!
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    welcome guys :)
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    Hi. Y'all are about an hour from me. I'm east of Cambridge.
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for the welcomes. Dutch, you may be even closer than an hour. We are south of New Philly in Uhrichsville a couple miles off of SR800. I like your watercolors... hats off to you. I took a year of commercial art in college and, in my opinion, water colors are about the hardest medium to work in. I especially like your painting "Deep into the Woods."
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    What's up statemate.

    Polyamorous, huh? i'd have to ask my wife.
  7. In Coshocton here.
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    such a rural dream place
  9. yeah, it's got it's good point's and it's bad.
    i don't like it too much because there's just nothing to do most of the time
    i lived in columbus back in the '80's when i was in my 20's but i've been back home for 25 years.
    i wish i would have went to marin or seattle, eugene, denver, anywhere but here !
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    Hello! I see that this post is from a while ago so not sure if you will see this or not but myself, my boyfriend and our daughter also live in Eastern, Ohio and are also looking for something new and to escape the close mindedness around here!

    My name is Erica, I'm 30, my boyfriend Travis is 35 and our daughter Harmony is almost 3. We currently live in a cramped little apartment in Youngstown, Ohio and are dying to get out of here, learn some new things and get back to nature!
    We are kind, honest, compassionate, loving people who put our daughter before everything. We love art, free thought, self expression and both have a very ridiculous, silly, "out there" sense of humor and are light hearted. We don't value material things (althought we do love garage sales, flea markets and similiar kinds of treasure hunting) and love being outdoors more then anything. We enjoy reading about science, mystery, philosophy, psychology, oddities and different cultures. We are vegetarians. We are athiests. We plan on homeschooling our child. Unfortunately, where we live (Youngstown, Ohio area), not a lot of people share the same ideals as us and people tend to look down on us for our individuality.
    Neither of us are strangers to hard work.
    Travis works in a laminate factory and has worked on farms, in other factories and on motorcycles most of his life. He is a musician (mainly bass guitar) and music nerd. He is very intelligent and is one of those guys who knows a little about everything and loves to learn new traits.
    I currently work from home and take care of Harmony while Travis is at work. I started a small business not long ago, , where I do "Gorilla Grams", Character Appearances and more (check the website, told you I have a silly sense of humor!). I also sell items on eBay. In the past, I've worked as a housekeeper for a family with 5 children, waitressed and worked at resturants and designed and silkscreened T-Shirts that I sold at music shows.
    I have done a lot of traveling, especially in my early 20's. I was a wanderer, flowerchild, hippie - call it what you will but wow was it fun! I experienced the commune life, rainbow gatherings and even lived on a traveling schoolbus for a few months. It lasted a few years on and off and was one of the best times of my life! I loved how everyone worked together and with so little, we accomplished so much! I have lived in many different states but came back to Youngstown (where I'm from originally) when I had my daughter.
    Now that she is a little older, we would like to relocate to somewhere more remote. We are open to many different options! We just want to get out this area. Commune life, working as farm hands, sharing land, etc. We want to live somewhere open with land, trees, water - away from a lot of people. We would love to have a large garden, chickens and other animals and living from the land as much as possible. We are open to learning new trades and collaborating on projects. Our daughter's health and happiness is our main concern. We are tired of raising her around pollution, negativity and materialism.
  11. Hi there Erica, Travis and Harmony! Y’all sound like the kind of people we need more of in our lives! I just signed on here a couple days ago for the first time in ages and was very excited to see your post.

    Shelly has studied a lot of herbal and alternative medicines. We even came close to buying an established alternative health store several years ago. We ended up purchasing the inventory but there were some complications and we never did open our storefront. Shelly is an amazing woman, generous, trusting and an open book. She enjoys sewing, reading, scrapbooking, and playing games. Shelly works as an RN. I am a history buff who enjoys any kind of antique mechanical thing. I played a little music years ago (bass, piano). I started out as an art major… ended up a mechanic. Right now I’m working part time so I can continue in my role as teacher for our children. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades kinda guy. We love lots of genres of music in our house, from jazz, blues, pop and oldies to emo, punk, some metal and an occasional polka! We enjoy spending time outdoors and on our property. We really love spending an evening visiting around a fire or an afternoon relaxing at a winery. We try to support local business as much as we can and avoid dealing with the chain stores.

    Our three children (ages 13, 15 and 16) were born at home. We did attachment parenting, extended nursing, the family bed, etc during their younger years. We’ve homeschooled them since day one. Shelly did the schooling in the early years and I’ve since taken over. The three children decided on their own, for ethical reasons, to become vegan about a year ago. Shelly and I eat vegan when at home (if nothing else, it makes cooking a lot simpler). We do occasionally still eat meat/dairy when we go out. We also have an adult daughter who lives on her own.

    Your traveling adventures sound incredible! I would love to hear more about them sometime. I wish I had been of that mindset earlier in life. I’ve read about the Rainbow Family gatherings and would love to attend something like that. Shelly and I have talked in detail about living in community, especially in an eco-village along the lines of Dancing Rabbit. I’m an only child and taking care of folks as they get older keeps me from leaving this area. That’s what prompted the thought of finding some like-minded people locally.

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    I’m back on hip for the first time in a while. I’m familiar with Urichsville vaguely. Would love to meet sometime.

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