Green Tea

Discussion in 'Beverages' started by sm0key42o8, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. sm0key42o8

    sm0key42o8 Senior Member

    Green Tea is the best stuff on earth. I love it. I drink it hot or cold. How do you prefer it and and good tips on how to sweeten it besides sugar or honey??
  2. John221

    John221 Senior Member

    I like it hot, and I never put anything in it...but yes, it's really nice.
  3. sm0key42o8

    sm0key42o8 Senior Member

    Yea-I like it hot also-and its 10-degrees here so its really good now. I put just a lil sugar so its not to bland and honey is good also. But too much of that and it kinda takes away from the nutirion of it.
  4. dedhead95

    dedhead95 The Wizard of Rhythm

    ya, honey is all I put in it. I can do plain though
  5. sm0key42o8

    sm0key42o8 Senior Member

    My sister told me to try alil milk in the tea when its hot-she says it is an English thing...
  6. dedhead95

    dedhead95 The Wizard of Rhythm

    ya, english put cream in tea
  7. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    I drink it it cold, and straight from the bottle (I only drink Arizona, and Sobe)
  8. trekker

    trekker Intrepid Traveler

    Yeah, green tea is great stuff. It's supposed to have a lot of really good health benefiits along with tasting nice. I drink it hot brewed with a tea bag. It's a Japanese tradition to drink geen tea, they have a whole ritual about how to drink it and prepare it, which I don't know the details about.

    I want to try Oolong tea next. Just got into Lapsang Soushong which is a smoke flavored tea from China. Once you get used to the smoked flavor, it tastes really good. I am a tea drinker, usually 3 to 5 cups a day. I only put milk in black tea, and never sugar, only honey on occation. I don't like my tea too sweet.
  9. Phsh Melt

    Phsh Melt Member

    yeh i put milk in my tea...i started that when i was england...i thought it was strange but now i have to have milk in my tea! :)
  10. Past_VNE

    Past_VNE Member

    I generally drink it plain, but occasionally use raw honey or Agave Nectar that we get at the organic food store. It's like thin honey, made from cactus. Yummy stuff!!
  11. dedhead95

    dedhead95 The Wizard of Rhythm

    thats sounds good
  12. I drink hot & cold green tea. I live off green & oolong tea. I love stash tea!!! I drink it with honey or splenda. I also like milk or cream in chai. I love grey tea & chamomile also.

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