Greek police arrest Golden Dawn Party leader and a party lawmaker

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  1. The Greek anti-terrorist unit have arrested 10 GD members so far, including party leader N. Mihaloliakos and MP I. Kasidiaris. Arrest warrants issued for a total of 34 members of the party.

    ---Sixth edit: Here's the latest. No. of arrests remain at 20, 12 still at large, including GD no. 2 in command Chr.Papas. The arrested were indicted for forming a criminal organization. The charges sheet is said to include 10 counts of murder and attempted murder, blackmail and the authorities are considering of including a money laundering charge. Source:, this is in english. Constitutionalists express the opinion that chaos from repeated resignations of GD MP's causing repeated by-elections can be countenanced by passing a law which prohibits by-elections if said resignations are intending to cause chaos. Source: (this one is in greek, sowy). Latest developments in the investigation of the murder of P. Fyssas: two more people are said to ride the assassin's car, anti-terrorist unit has on tape GD member expressing their relief that the killer did not involve them, and other incriminating dialogues. Source: (still in greek). Last: Here are photos of yesterday's events.

    ---Fifth edit: Greek minister of public order statement. "Greek Democracy won't tolerate Einsatzgruppen". Police are stating: 20 arrests so far. Found at the leaders house aside from illegal weapons, 43000€. At large remain, 12 more people, including one more MP, C. Papas, the party's Vice President. Arrests were made after a order was issued by the Prosecutor at Areios Pagos (Supreme Civil Court).

    ---Fourth edit: 19 arrested so far, 4 of which Mp's, the party leader and 2 police officers. They will be brought any minute now, in front of a judge. 25 search warrants were executed. SKAI TV just reported now that according to sources in the investigative team, the complicity of those arrested is evidenced by former party members who informed on them and by evidence collected in the recent investigation which led up to the arrests.
    Third edit: Latest developments and sources, thanks to /u/InfamousBrad. Since a lot people are asking, i should add that, while the investigation is ongoing it is secret and, therefore, some of the news might not be trustworthy. If you're interested in being properly informed, you should wait until an official statement is made. - the charge is "forming a criminal organization." - another 13 party MPs and members, including official spokesman and party secretary; charges include "money laundering, assault, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, murder and blackmail." - it is crucial to substantiate these charges." - the guns were unregistered; also, arrests so far include 2 cops with a warrant outstanding for 1 more, a member of the DIAS squad

    ---Second edit: Arrests now up to 16. Illegal weapons found at the home of the party leader's house. Thanks to /u/pdimitrakos.
    Edit: No. of arrests now up to 15. Arrest warrants issued no. is 38. GD is tweeting for support. They are planning on meeting at Mesogion av. Source: To Vima, digital edition

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    One can try to scream all "freedom of speech" and so on when it comes to this... but the Golden Dawn are a bunch of half-crazed white supremacist Nazi sympathizers. This kind of evil needs to be dealt with early and at the core. Good job, Greece.

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