greatest revelation while tripping?

Discussion in 'The Psychedelic Experience' started by mart_182, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. mart_182

    mart_182 Member

    what has been your greatest revelation while tripping? the biggest wake up call your mind has recieved whilst under the influence of psychedelia? and what had you taken? mine would be a few months ago when i ate about 50g of fresh cubensis mushies, me and my buddy realised we could spread the happiness we were feeling, and that it would be so easy to do as well. it gave me a new outlook on life as i now know that the whole world isnt just a nasty crapy place full of hurt, that it can be full of happiness instead :)
  2. DrSpaceman

    DrSpaceman Member

    It's hard to draw a hallucination
  3. mart_182

    mart_182 Member

    lol true, but i mean those great realisations that come to you in the midst of a mad trip:p
  4. SIEKK

    SIEKK Member

    I had a huge revelation on shrooms about how emotions work and the sentience of animals. Ever since I've been much better at keeping my emotions in check and find myself analyzing others'. The other revelation was how telling the truth really is better but you have to be sure your emotions aren't affecting your truth. I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone but I think it does :) . I also connected with animals to an extreme and found myself pondering certain animals are domesticated so theyre not eaten because of our emotional connections to them but other animals are somehow exempt? Then I thought about how sure eating animals may have been imperative for survival at one point in time but now it's quite easy and healthful to sustain on a plant based diet. The whole speciesism thing got me thinking about taxonomy and the five kingdoms: Plant, Animal, Protista, Monera,and Fungi . Identifying myself as an animal really made the sentience of animals I'm vegan now

    It's kind of funny how in a trip a revelation isn't necessarily a new idea but like someone hanging around your house and finally knocking on your door to get your attention. You know they're out there you can see them out your window but opening the door to them is like the revelation..maybe its a lame metaphor but it helps me keep my front door open. :D I think it's neat how our psyche surfaces things you really need to hear.
    ..and to think that was the first and only time I've tripped, I can't imagine

  5. Kaniblo

    Kaniblo Member

    Mine would have to be the first time I ever did psilocybin. I met god, who I found out is called CREEP (it has to be all caps) and has a triangular head, green skin, one red eye, one blue eye, a blue mouth, and black iron crosses tattooed all over his face. He told me that insanity is just a thought pattern that the government sees as a threat to their power because they have the ability to make people realize the flaws in the system, so they make everyone have a bad opinion of "crazy" people and lock them away. He also told me that colors are just visual representations of ideas, and you see so many colors on psychedelics because there are so many ideas pouring into your head at once. Blue is usually the color of a revelation, and the government tries to keep us from seeing too much blue. Green is a very mundane idea, and red (the true color of money, as I found out) is hateful, angry, jealous, greedy, etc. Has anyone else seen CREEP?
  6. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    man i drew for HOURS on amt on night, looked nothing like what i saw :\
  7. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    well for one.. that everything is within...reality and everything it it, and everything beyond it.. is all from within...

    something ram dass's book of the same name points out.... "Be Here Now".... we're always doing way too much planning for the future... and always holding on to things from the past... we need to be aware of this very moment of existence

    god there were so many.. but they all basically symbolized the same few different concepts or whatever word i'm looking for...
  8. The Flow

    The Flow Member

    My greatest revelation was my first MDMA-trip.
    Before that, I´ve only done pot and alcohol. I´ve stayed away from any chemicals, because in those times I believed almost every horror that was written about it in the press and shown on TV.
    The MDMA was given to me by a good friend, a pharmacologist, who became my trip-sitter for a couple of experiments then.
    I will never forget the moment, the the window opened for the first time. Never had that feeling of clarity, freshness and balance with everything in the world again. I´ve had lots of troubles during the years before that night. I had conflicts with my parents, got kicked out of my student-fraternity, lost my girl-friend and my driving-license and was very much on the way to develop a serious alcohol problem. On MDMA I could speak so freely about all the problems and my fears, that it changed my life forever.
    This was 8 years ago. O.K., I also had problems after that night, but I was much more able to handle them. I finished university, work as a physician for more than 6 years now and I´ll get married in June (btw: my fiancee also does drugs from time to time). I guess I can say that I found myself. MDMA was a powerful tool that helped me a lot.
  9. DrSpaceman

    DrSpaceman Member

    I did see a small piece of plywood that an art student had painted with yellow, blue, and possibly green oils in an abstract blend of textures that looked a lot like a hallucination, but around that same time, I looked at a poster for saving the Biafran children, and in the row of children with distended stomachs, they looked distorted in alternating trapezoidal fashion (one narrowed at the top, the next one narrowed at the bottom, etc., something like a fun-house mirror). Maybe it had something to do with a purple dome, you think?
  10. DrSpaceman

    DrSpaceman Member

    On a similar note, "A Child's Garden of Grass" talks about a guy who had a revelation while stoned, wrote it down, and put it away for future reference. When he retrieved it later while straight, he read, "The room smells funny."
  11. The Flow

    The Flow Member

    O.K., my most philosiphical insight during a trip was "All in all, the world is funny!" (I had that on a combination of MDMA, pot and psilo)
  12. element7

    element7 Random fool

    " . " That dot pretty much sums up what my greatest revelation was. It's impossible to translate it into this written language. Basicly though it was absolutely beautifully simple yet made sense of the whole universe. My friend and I felt utter content and no longer needed verbal communication. It was no longer necessary.

    oh yeah, we had both dropped a ten strip of blotter and were peaking at the base of a really tall church spire on 200 year old church and looking up at it dissapearing into the sky like it had no end.
  13. I dunno what lesson I supposed to draw from it, but last nite felt like i would die, or forget who I was if i closed my eyes. And then I did and it felt like the world ended, but only for everyone else, not me. like the universe exploded and i was the energy field on the leading edge or surface of the explosion. I guess I was on my way to dying but there's nothing to reach on the outside of the universe. I remeber seeing my best friend and then people in general and saying outloud, I want to help, or feeling like there's no point in existing if I'm not going to share with another point of perspective.

    All this for 6oz of good ole tussin.
  14. wideyed

    wideyed Member

    i decided to go to college one night in the forest on mushies, many yrs ago. i think it was a good choice.
  15. LSD_Dreams

    LSD_Dreams Member

    The most eye popping revolation ive had is i took 4 hits of blotter LSD.... and i was listening to Tool - Parabol/Parabola.... That song ansewered the questions to life..... for some reason at the time i was almost in tears about how awake i became to the great things life has to offer....LSD made me think of all the important things in my life and the lyrics in the song that i was just speachless at was "This body, this body's holding me, reminding me that i am not alone, this body, makes me feel, eternal, all this pain is an illusion" that right there changed my life....
  16. DrSpaceman

    DrSpaceman Member

    Four hits?! In 1970, one blotter was supposed to be 500 clinical mikes of Sandoz! I've done over 1000 street mikes at a time, which could amount to four regular hits, but then again, I have no way of knowing whether today's blotter is as potent.

    I guess the other question would be if you took them all at once or staggered them, because I remember starting out with pumpkin seed "acid" (which turned out to be psilocybin?!?!) and then dropping a tab of acid every hour (along with my tripping partner—I laid some on him as a birthday present) until I decided we should split the 8 or 10 tabs I had left and drop them all at once to overcome the tolerance. Then we each snorted a line of meth. The whole time, I had a bone from a smoked herring caught in what felt like my tonsil or adenoid, and it didn't even bum me out significantly!

    Another possibility is that maybe your metabolism (or whatever) is like mine was. Except for smoking, it almost always took me twice as much as anyone else to get the same effect (if that). The worst was eating a gram of blond hash right before going to see a Big Brother concert and being totally straight the whole time! Somebody told me I had a B-12 deficiency!
  17. Vulva Queen

    Vulva Queen Member

    the first time doing acid I had my biggest. I took it at my friend's place, and my friend's are pretty fucked up people, like one of them is literally convinced he's satan, as is his girlfriend. ;P anyway I watched them go about doing whatever, they did all this crazy shit like put me in a room with this fucked up painting, and the painting talked to me, but in my head. it said 3 words: it doesn't matter. the painting was an expression of what they all knew but covered with all that satan nonsense, that we are all one and nothing matters in a sense. people try to invent this stuff to set themselves apart, to know that they are not like all the bullshit that goes on in this world, but deep down inside they know it's not true. and art speaks it, art is clarity, art is the beauty of the ugliness of the world. I accepted that everything was as it is and that it didn't matter that it was. the second I heard those words I seen through everything I put up for myself, every piece of denial, every barricade, every part of my subconcious that made me think and act the way I do.

    I told them I was leaving and walked out into the street, I felt powerful and like I had discovered something that was hidden within me. I felt enlightened, but it didn't matter.

    like any lifestyle you have to maintain it, which I didn't do, I slipped back into my old ways and lost it, and I wish I didn't. I plan to get more acid and try again.
  18. The biggest revelation for me came not during the trip but afterwards.
    The two times I've eaten cubes I've ended up acting like a 4-year-old, rolling around on the ground, rubbing my face and thinking that it felt like gelatin, and putting things in my mouth that generally shouldn't have been there.

    It took me about 3 months to decide why I acted this way instead of expanding my mind like I expected (my babysitters wrote down some of the things I said, but none of them made sense; things like "There is something utterly and fundamentally wrong with the stairs being a banana"), and I decided it's because when I was very young (6, I believe) my parents divorced and tore my world apart. I think what happens is my mind reverts to before when things were happy.

    The revelation is you have to choose between progress and bliss, and I've chosen progress. Naturally I'm going to do a lot of meditation and soul-searching between now and the next time I use psychedelics, maybe I'll have a life-enhancing experience instead of a degrading one.
  19. Bikshu

    Bikshu Member

    That we are the creators of our own existance.
  20. The Flow

    The Flow Member

    Well, not only of our own existence, but also of the existence of everything (and everybody) else. Think about that!

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