Gray Days

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by MindxSmoke, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Sitting in a room of color
    My taste is like no other
    Across the Fabric plains,
    My brother
    Too many times I am the Other

    Taking pictures with my mind
    Seeing things that aren't so kind
    So innocently we have sinned
    To the Forests, we will hide
    But the Wind, it preaches in
    Our learning minds

    Watching the young become the old
    And the old being set Free
    This is where we walked to
    And slept under our spirit tree

    Looking to the east end of town
    Thinking of the lonely clown
    For once I think I saw
    Him wearing a frown

    Stuck in these days of cold
    Feeling like everything is old

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