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    Oh how long these years have been!
    When we thought that time moved forward
    Marching to the incessant beat of a military drummer
    But time has fooled us
    The pounding was only in our minds
    Caught in a time-like loop
    In the curves of time and space
    The never-ending infinities flashing past our eyes again and
    Indistinguishable from the flat space we knew before
    Gravity drew me to you so strongly
    But I resisted
    Pulling away, far away
    I got lost in the great wide world
    Lost without a friend to travel with me
    I tried to give my heart to the vagabonds at the crossroads,
    Trusting in their knowledge of love and life
    Trusting that they would keep me safe

    I lost my heart somewhere at those crossroads
    It lay in the dust, trodden on, kicked aside
    The vagabonds didn't see any value in what I had to offer
    I was more lost than ever
    The paths behind me were closed, blocked off, barricaded
    But without a heart
    How could I go forward?
    I ended up choosing all the wrong paths
    All the wrong forks
    I never noticed
    That there was anyone else on the road with me

    My wanderings drew a circle in the earth
    Once again, I arrived at the crossroads I had lost myself
    But my heart...
    My heart was now gone essence had disappeared
    I stood there for a while
    Staring at the spot where I thought I could start again
    How could I lose myself again?
    My weary feet moved once again
    Down the path I had gone before
    Habitually tracing out their memories
    Each footstep remapped the past
    Time-loops had caught me

    Once again gravity pulled me forward
    Imperceptibly toward an unknown end
    A destination?
    The view before me was veiled
    A haze of impenetrable black
    Another choice to make
    Another crossroads
    To venture into the mist
    Into the unknown
    Or to circle around again
    Trapped in my past?
    Gravity pulled me in
    And I took a new road

    Past the event horizon
    Past the infinite wall
    And the world looked no different
    There was no wall at my back
    Only the road stretched out behind me
    But when I tried to retrace my steps
    My hand met an obstruction
    Like a child outside a candy store
    I looked at that lost road
    Longing for what was outside of my grasp
    There was only one way left to go
    And that was forward

    I felt a stirring in the wind
    Something called my name with an unseen voice
    An unheard face
    A feeling awoke within me
    Gently coaxed and caressed to blossoming
    An eagerness that I scarcely remembered possessing
    Arose and pulled me forward
    In the distance I perceived a presence
    Neither moving nor standing still
    A soul as lost as I
    And there is something...
    Intangibly familiar...
    About all this

    And I am falling into you again
    For you were the one who recaptured my essence
    Rescued my heart from the vagabonds
    All those years ago
    You found my soul at the edge of the road
    And you saw only perfection
    Looked past the footprints, the road stains
    The scars of being used for someone else's pleasure
    Your gentle hands lifted the delicate fibers of my essence
    And it buried itself in your body
    Embracing your warmth
    Winding around your soul
    Becoming an intrinsic part of your nature,
    Without you even noticing
    Falling into your gravity well is like coming home again
    After these long years
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    initial reaction to this poem was "ahhh so many words!", but then i've written some stuff as long as that too.

    read it though. did the heart grow back in the end?
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    Oh, how epic! There may be a lot of words, but every last one is perfectly wonderful. I bet that if you showed this poem to "you," he would be flattered and dumbfounded. Very powerful ideas and imagery. This poem should be published one day.

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