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Discussion in 'Music' started by Sugar Magnolia, May 20, 2004.

  1. tell me about some of your past experiences at grateful dead shows...the best times, the worst times, whatever. i know you guys probably have plenty :)
  2. Davino

    Davino Member

    I drank red whine and snorted whitecoke in '95 @Giants, it worked-4-me, what-can-I/me/say!
  3. drumminmama

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    and that sums up what was wrong by then...
  4. prankster1590

    prankster1590 Member

    I think the wildest shows were the ones in the Carousel Ballroom(Fillmore West) in 1968.
    And the Trips festival and the Acid Tests from '65 and '66 must have been an experience too.

    I have never seen them. The last time they were in Holland I was to young to go.
  5. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    October 9th, 1989 - Hampton Coliseum

    My bunch of fellow Deadheads had been going to the "Greek East" since the early 80s and we always had wonderful experiences. The vibe of the place was, well, just too cool.

    This was the "Formerly Known As The Warlocks" tour aka the "Stealth" tour. They were really playing well, lots of energy that spread to the crowd and then swelled back to the stage (the music plays the band). We had had so much fun the night before with a Help>Slip>Franklin's that was damn near orgasmic. Well, no one had any idea of the treat we were about to encounter on the second night of the run. I'll let the set list printed from this site tell the story.

    Feel Like A Stranger
    Built To Last
    Little Red Rooster
    Ramble On Rose
    We Can Run
    Stuck In Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
    Row Jimmy
    The Music Never Stopped

    Playing In The Band>
    Uncle John's Band>
    Death Don't Have No Mercy>
    Dear Mr. Fantasy>
    Hey Jude Reprise>
    Throwing Stones>
    Good Lovin'

    Attics Of My Life

    After all that, rest assured there weren't too many dry eyes in the place. We flowed out of the coliseum and glowed all the way home.
  6. My first GD concert was in San Diego, I think. Anyway, coming from KC. I was amazed at the diversity of people the clothes, costumes, long skirts or dresses on the woman. When GD finally came on (20 min late) The unity was awesome. It was as if I had always been there. The vibe was undescribable. I felt like I was finally home.

    I have been to over 28 GD concert's and yes, some I can't remember much of and those sucked, but for most of them I remained sober except for a little green. I met some awesome people who live all over the country and we get together for Schwagstocks and other festies. Seeing the Dead at Bonnaroo in the rain made me cry for Jerry and delight in watching Bobby and Phil together.

    The vibe lives on...Jerry would be proud.
  7. Davino

    Davino Member

    I have tears in my eyes.
  8. alice_d_millionaire

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    yeah, ive seen the dead... but not the grateful dead :(
  9. Davino

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    this show is killer:

    Madison Square Garden - New York City, NY

    Set 1:
    In The Midnight Hour
    New Minglewood Blues
    Tennessee Jed
    Friend Of The Devil
    Promised Land

    Set 2:
    Eyes Of The World
    Man Smart-Woman Smarter
    Crazy Fingers
    Estimated Prophet
    The Wheel
    All Along The Watchtower
    Morning Dew

    Rainy Day Woman


    This show was one of my favorites,lots of energy,had great seats next to the stage...I remeber Jerry, seeing him backstage watching cartoons!And of course Dylan's last apperance....was special!
    -Mark Butler,writeEmail('','Gail1951');

    I was there, a dude in a wheelchair was getting blown during Morning Dew! I think Dylans mike wasn't on, you couldn't hear him at all.

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