Google chief warns about armed drones

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Resistance isn't futile, Apr 15, 2013.


    I love this quote from him...

    Here's my unpopular response to his commentary.

    Perhaps the assholes tech-mongers of the new I-Relgion should NOT have invent this sort of shit before they know what all the possible consequence might be?
    Or would that just be too fucking intelligent and reasonable?

    If anyone get's a chance to watch the series "* ll Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace *" You'll see first hand what most of these priests of the I-relgion actually believe.

    (They're a bunch of fucking sicko perverts.)

    Here is episode 2. (can't find the first)"](HD) All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace - Intro - YouTube
  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar .. snip the vulgarity and you might get the attention you are seeking..
  3. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    It's not an episode, it's a 1 minute trailer.
    Also, it's got to be the stupidest title ever.
    All Watched Over By Machines Of Evil Incorporated, would be more fitting.
  4. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    OK, so I actually watched the full 3 part series All Watched Over...

    Surprisingly, there's not a single thing I disagree with aside from the title, which is itself sarcastic...


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