good shit... first time ever for closed eye visuals...

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by bekyboo52, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    I've heard of people hallucinating and shit from weed but i never actually believed it. not to the point of lsd or shrooms or any thing but swirls and stuff. any way last night my brother and i smoked about 1/4 of really good weed, and i got closed eye visuals first did my bro... i wanted to see how many people on here had the same thing... actually i might make this a poll...

    damn i forgot to click the pole button :(
  2. Tuktuk08

    Tuktuk08 Member

    I never have tripped of bud, some of my friends have but I always thought they were full of shit.

    Thats awsome tho...what were you using to smoke?
  3. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    a bong
  4. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    lol i just smoked some stuff last night that made me "trip"

    basically it's just like very detailed thinking in where i forget about everything else.
    What happened was I was looking at a glass of water in my hands and it felt like my head started to dip into the water and then i like snapped out of it and it happened again where my water started boiling almost...

    i don't really think it's hallucinations as much as it is just crazy imagination that you can visualize easily inside your mind.
  5. Salem Blair

    Salem Blair Member

    I remember me and these 2 other guys hallucinated off weed.. it was quite odd.. like a mix of things were going on all at once.. only had it happen to me that one time.
  6. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    yeah, i get what you mean.....
  7. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    I've had 2 trips from marijuana, with open eye visuals. Not like colors or other realities like on salvia or whatever though. But I could stare at something, and it'd be like pulsating, or angled in a weird way. I tried to go wall-eyed and my mind would fill in the rest of the image, I could see the entire room (even behind me) at once. It was kinda like my vision exited through the top of my head and I was looking down on myself. If I turned around, the image of where I was looking before was still in my mind, I could see both directions at once, or sometimes I would still be looking behind me while I was facing another way. I would keep thinking I was hearing stuff too, cars pulling in the driveway that weren't there, voices on the wind. Also eating things was incredibly intense, like if I ate mustard, i would feel like my whole head was tasting mustard, then my whole being was mustard, and my vision became a field of yellow gray and i'd have to snap myself out of it.

    Haven't had a trip like that for awhile tho
  8. Tuktuk08

    Tuktuk08 Member

    thats awesome i need to get some of that shit :D
  9. Freedom_Man

    Freedom_Man Senior Member

    i have hallucinated off of marijuana before.

    closed eye visuals mostly, ill say random cartoon images popup or colors get intesne behind my eyes, or very rarely colorful patterns.

    opened eyed i have as well. i saw purple honeycombs stuff together floating. or i have looked at something and then it snaps like a picture and stays still and keeps spinnig inward very slowely getting smaller and smaller then everything goes black and i snap back to regular.
  10. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    a guaranteed way to FEEL like your tripping is to watch Speed Racer on blu-ray. 1080p.

    absolute insanity
  11. Tuktuk08

    Tuktuk08 Member

    I never have been able to bring myself to watch that movie...i heard it was really dumb. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    It is insanely dumb, but you aren't watching because of the story, you are watching because it is seriously outrageous on blu-ray

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