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    I feel the same way and it would seem that NOTHING is happening in Iraq or the rest of the world today as far as the networks are concerned. The following is another outlook that might be worth considering also.
    Sunday, June 6, 2004
    by Greg Palast

    You're not going to like this. You shouldn't speak ill of the dead. But in this case, someone's got to.

    Ronald Reagan was a conman. Reagan was a coward. Reagan was a killer.

    In 1987, I found myself stuck in a crappy little town in Nicaragua named Chaguitillo. The people were kind enough, though hungry, except for one surly young man. His wife had just died of tuberculosis.

    People don't die of TB if they get some antibiotics. But Ronald Reagan, big hearted guy that he was, had put a lock-down embargo on medicine to Nicaragua because he didn't like the government that the people there had elected.

    Ronnie grinned and cracked jokes while the young woman's lungs filled up and she stopped breathing. Reagan flashed that B-movie grin while they buried the mother of three.

    And when Hezbollah terrorists struck and murdered hundreds of American marines in their sleep in Lebanon, the TV warrior ran away like a whipped dog ... then turned around and invaded Grenada. That little Club Med war was a murderous PR stunt so Ronnie could hold parades for gunning down Cubans building an airport.

    I remember Nancy, a skull and crossbones prancing around in designer dresses, some of the "gifts" that flowed to the Reagans -- from hats to million-dollar homes -- from cronies well compensated with government loot. It used to be called bribery.

    And all the while, Grandpa grinned, the grandfather who bleated on about "family values" but didn't bother to see his own grandchildren.

    The New York Times today, in its canned obit, wrote that Reagan projected, "faith in small town America" and "old-time values." "Values" my ass. It was union busting and a declaration of war on the poor and anyone who couldn't buy designer dresses. It was the New Meanness, bringing starvation back to America so that every millionaire could get another million.

    "Small town" values? From the movie star of the Pacific Palisades, the Malibu mogul? I want to throw up.

    And all the while, in the White House basement, as his brain boiled away, his last conscious act was to condone a coup d'etat against our elected Congress. Reagan's Defense Secretary Casper the Ghost Weinberger with the crazed Colonel, Ollie North, plotted to give guns to the Monster of the Mideast, Ayatolla Khomeini.

    Reagan's boys called Jimmy Carter a weanie and a wuss although Carter wouldn't give an inch to the Ayatolla. Reagan, with that film-fantasy tough-guy con in front of cameras, went begging like a coward cockroach to Khomeini pleading on bended knee for the release of our hostages.

    Ollie North flew into Iran with a birthday cake for the maniac mullah -- no kidding --in the shape of a key. The key to Ronnie's heart.

    Then the Reagan roaches mixed their cowardice with crime: taking cash from the hostage-takers to buy guns for the "contras" - the drug-runners of Nicaragua posing as freedom fighters.

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    i've been trying to click that link on drudgereport all morning...but it won't go to it...conspiracy?
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    Bravo!, It's about time some cold hard truth about the trial-run sell off of the nation to the MIC and other big money interests (the full deal coming to fruition, under the direction of many of regan's former cabinet, under Dubyah) was interjected into this ongoing melodramtic media fanfare of, yet again, sanitised and decontextualised myth making.

    Those too young to have lived through the Regan era (or to have been politically or economically conscious of the era at any rate) would think this man's shit didnt stink nor that he hadn't overseen one of the most flagrant betrayals of our system of checks and balances (and his own accountability to the nation) in the later 20th century.

    The man was a demagogue and a cowboy who gave the public the sort of cult of personality for which the Soviets themselves were often criticised throughout the Cold War. Look behind the gloss and the reality might just awaken people to the foundations upon which the current administration has built its aparatus of state for the furtherance of perpetual war.
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