Good Morning

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by ramblin'rose, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. ramblin'rose

    ramblin'rose kindness

    good morning!!
  2. You look a right lurker don't you??!

    Nice to meet you x x x
  3. /|\

    /|\ Member

    hey dude u live in TX too...
  4. Ken

    Ken Member

    I used to live up there years ago - in a little town called Northeast. I lived there about a year in some apartments set in the middle of vineyards. It was a quiet place with not too much going on, but was kind of nice and laid back.

    The winters were dreadful there with the wind whipping across the lake... BRRRRR!!!!!
  5. Friend

    Friend Banned

    Hi Jen,

    :( Sorry if I don't have much in common with you - I live in Canada, no kids, I really hate travellin' - makes me sick too... BUT, I love this place and share a lot of views with other people who like to do the same!

    Tell me, how do you survive 3 kids?

    Love & peace,

  6. ramblin'rose

    ramblin'rose kindness

    well, my children are what keep me going, they are the reason for nearly everything I do. We do tons of fun things, sled, beach, swim, play basketball, dance, they are kool kids t sure what Ill do with it, hopefully make enough $ to live in a great climate with great schools for my kids....and more?

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