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Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by UltraChi, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. UltraChi

    UltraChi Member

    So I have been to Harvest Fest and thats about it.. What other fests are out there?? I love festivals and camping out but there isn't much info about them anywhere.

    Does anyone know any good stoner/hippie friendly ones???
  2. GreenPeace13

    GreenPeace13 Member

    ten thousand lakes festival. its near detroit lakes. I hear its quite amazing, but i have never been there mysef. Where abouts minnesota are you? im about 45 minutes south of minneapolis
  3. UltraChi

    UltraChi Member

    Haha I am about 45 min north of minneapolis...
  4. 10k fo sho! i will be there.. same goes with harvest fest & Boats and Bluegrass.. and maybe Project EARTH..
  5. Hell yes!!!! Big Wu Family Reunion X.. its about time!!! i can't wait.. this is about as big as phish getting back together
  6. GreenPeace13

    GreenPeace13 Member

    Ill be at harvest! woo hoo! never been before, and im psyched
  7. can't wait for harvest fest!!!
  8. GreenPeace13

    GreenPeace13 Member

    same here! if i didnt make it there i would be extremely disappointed. i will though, so no worries!
  9. Trigcove

    Trigcove Member

    Don't forget about the MBOTMA bluegrass fest, first weekend in August.

    Moondance Jam, Walker, MN. Jul 16-18, with lots of retro bands and a whole lot of fun.
    This year: Jouney, Kansas, Foghat, Judas Priest, Yes, Thin Lizzy, Asia, Grand Funk... and a whole bunch more.
  10. Harvest Fest is the worst festival at Harmony Park... it is too crowded (then again, some people like that) and too cold. Project Earth is the best one out of the year, it is calm and at the most perfect time in the year- at the end of June. The Bella Fests are alright (just happened last weekend, I actually had a blast)... the only problem with them is that none of the money goes to charity and the person who runs it is a selfish greedy prick plus the security is NUTZ...
    I have never been to 10K... I heard its awesome and I guess I would love to go, but I have also heard how crazy it gets and how people die every year... pretty fucked up.:eek:
  11. 197666Smoker

    197666Smoker Big Black Cock

    yea.. i always end up sick either after Harvest Fest or Boats and Bluegrass(a festival in Winona, MN at the end of sept)

    3 people have died the past 2 years at 10k.. the only years people have died.. one wasn't even drug related.. its definitely a crazy party.. basically take like a bella or harvest crowd and multiply it ten fold.. and then some.. im not attending this year because the line-up just doesn't sell me this year... and its an expensive overall mini-vacation.. usually i need about $500 to head that way...

    so far the only fest i have lined up is Big Wu Family Reunion
  12. maleadapted

    maleadapted Member

    fat fest is a little before harvest fest!
  13. FatFest is good... i was only at the 1st one
  14. 10k fest is the best. good music and good drugs.
  15. pshamous

    pshamous Member

    sorry everyone but i heard 10k isnt happening this year.
    plunderfest is fun. at harmoney.
  16. Clawhammered

    Clawhammered Guest

    This thread may be a little out of date, but I just wanted to add, Minnesota has many festivals during the summer now!
  17. claw could you throw acouple links up for us.
    im in mn and most fesso I findo are country music types.

    MN sucks when your out of the loop!!
  18. InfraSound is going on down in Houston, MN aug 2-4th... There's some other festival at the same grounds later in august... Boats and Bluegrass is at the end of Sept.. and Harvest is at the beginning of Sept.. google the names.. if you want to know more about them... also Jambase usually has a list of festivals by state/region
  19. what do you mean "now"? we've always had festivals.. they are just smaller.. just the way i like'em
  20. Isadoran

    Isadoran Member

    Mahtowa MN has The Highway 61 folk festival every summer. It is one of my favorites.

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