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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by china_white, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. china_white

    china_white Banned

    hey all, I know I havent been posting lately,
    but it is now my time to say goodbye :D
    I would love to keep posting but opiate forums arent the greatest to staying sober,
    and for those who are wondering I am quitting because I just am not getting that joy I used to,
    my tolerance has really gone up
    and I leave for a one year road trip down the west coast all the way to the bottom of south america to surf.
    So good bye to all you fine gals and gents and wish me the best of luck with sobriety and travel.
    This last 40 is for you!
  2. Eagles06

    Eagles06 Member

    Goodluck with everything China. Have fun.
  3. mephist00

    mephist00 Member

    hey man, i just quit opiates too.. i've been without opiate buzz for 7 days now..

    the first 4 days were fucking hell.. but now, i dont have an addiction to them, and i feel better then i can ever remember :p

    once you lose the addiction, the want to do them, you will be fine bro, and most likly feel better then you have in a long time..

    last week, i couldnt remember what it was like to be alive without an opiate addiction lol, and i couldnt even see myself quiting, all those days i just wanted opiates so bad...

    now that im off.. im staying off, at least im not gonna use them for the buzz anymore..

    i still take some oxy from a prescription, for my back.. but i only do 20mg's a day now.. 10mg in the morning, 10 at night.. apposed to 600mg of oxy a day :p and yea, these are still 80mg OC, so i am snorting them.. but i cant tell my doc i had to cut down, because the addiction he will probably take me off them for good.. and i make some money from these 80's every month :)

    i weened myself down like they do when you are done with your pain treatment

    goodluck man, opiate addiction is the hardest thing in the world to come off of.. but once you are off, you will feel great..
  4. china_white

    china_white Banned

    haha I was never really hooked,
    I went from a 10mg line getting me fucked once a week to a 0c 40 3 times a week,
    but I took last week off with no W/Ds at all and thought hey why not just stop,
    saves me money and I wont have to use on the road,
    Sold my stash except for a goodbye 40 that I just took,
    with the money I made and saved I bought myself a fancy new surfboard for the trip :cool:
  5. mephist00

    mephist00 Member

    yea thats how i started out, doing 10mg's..
    then i worked up to 20, 40, to 80, and i wasnt addicted for about 6/7 months into it, until i started doing 80's recreationaly.. my tolerance went up.. the more i did, the more i needed to do..
    a 40 3 times a week isnt bad at all.. i wouldnt even call that an addiction :D but either way, you cant avoid tolerance to it so if u do keep doing it, eventually withdrawals get worse, ect ect.. its a good idea, in any case to quit opiates recrationally.. opiate withdrawal is just a horrible experience
  6. SpENS93

    SpENS93 Illuminati

    peace man
  7. Morphoxycode1

    Morphoxycode1 Member

    Hey, China...sad to see you go, but I'm glad you're off on an awesome trip like that! I've messed with opiates for about 8 years on and off and I was doing more and enjoying it's like they just didn't hit the spot like they used to so I'm off them for the most part. I have a bad back, which I'll get some norcs for now and then when it flares up, and my oc source just dried up. Thanks for the withdrawal survival guide and the humor you added to many of the threads around here! If you get a chance, pop in and let us know how that trip is!
  8. china_white

    china_white Banned

    yea mang, Ill post when im down in mex, I know im gonna try their H once
    but otherwise its all about the surf and the aloha bru
  9. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    you're leaving us??? NOOOOOOO!!! :(

    man, you were like the coolest new member I can think of! And I really understood you because we are like at the same opiate level (new concept?) frequency and dosage-wise. Well I did more oxy than you on one sitting, I did 80-120mg at a time, but barely once a week, sometimes once every two weeks, as compared to your 3X/week.

    well.. good luck with sobriety, like I tell everyone, sobriety sucks. AND so does being high everyday. you gotta learn to moderate yourself, find a balance. And are you quitting everything or just opiates? Because I rather die than go the rest of my life without marijuana, even if its only smoking once a YEAR.

    good luck with the surfing thing bro! Im looking forward to trying surfing sometime in my life, I mean, seriously, it looks like the funnest fuckin activity someone can do besides skydiving. I plan to try both sometime in my life, although Im a bit scared of skydiving, Im gonna jump off with like 10 parachutes just in case...
  10. Euphorial

    Euphorial Member

    Good luck China, have fun. You were a cool poster here. I am on my first day of opiate/weed sobriety after a 3 week binge on oxy/norcs. I decided to let it last at LEAST a month, if I can manage to do that (I found a steady connect :( ).

    Have fun surfing, and tell us if that H is good :D
  11. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    the H is gonna be great, compared to anything you'll find here in the states or canada. Sun, when I go to colombia, I feel sorry for my opiate receptors... their heroin is so damn good... same story with mexico and bolivia and the middle east. even europe has better H than us.
  12. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    bye then :s , i just also wanted to say that i did enjoy your intelligent posts and i willbe sorry to see you go. im glad that you are "getting healthy" but do come back soon.
    -peace and hugs
  13. china_white

    china_white Banned

    haha now I have to say one thing, I am not getting healthy, I was never unhealthy
    and opiates don't physically harm your body, it is impurity's and the addiction lifestyle as well as the needle.
    Wow i never realized that so many people knew i existed (no there's no ego just surprise)
    Kilo mang your post means alot to me because Ive always viewed you, does2, u4ia, and relayer as some of the most intelligent people ive conversed with and truly earned my respect,
    and Im quiting opiates because I dont wanna be trying to score in random citys all over the continent.
    I will continue to blaze as blazing and surfing are perfect together.
    and now I made a decision, take back your goodbyes, because theres no way Ill be able to stay away from you all, Ill just be the HF sober opiate man :S
  14. china_white

    china_white Banned

    ps to all those I didnt mention you are still my extended familys
  15. Euphorial

    Euphorial Member


    :D jk
  16. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    oh, over here getting healthy means quitting a substance... :) lol, sorry for the mix up but i will still be sad to see an intelligent poster leaving....
  17. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Hey man, I'm sad to see you go.

    I guess I never got, and maybe never will get the chance to talk to you.

    It's kinda ironic and saddening that I can collaborate my hello and goodbye in one message :/

    Best of luck, may this life be better than anything you could ever imagine.

  18. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    I feel you kil0 about the herb man. Live tokin' or die.
  19. OxyGod

    OxyGod Member


    I just joined here, but I guess I'm... Glad you printed a retraction!

    The opiate community caught my eye, didn't feel like joining BL or any other ones, decided to make my home here, as I'm an avid opiate spokesman, and I definitely share your view on the subject! So the more to throw into the conversation with something semi intelligent, the better!
  20. china__white

    china__white Member

    Hahaha this is what you find when you go browsing back years!!! Man I miss all the people who vanished

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