good bud!

Discussion in 'Show Your Piece' started by starwars stoner, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. check it out!


    look at all those delicious crystals!

  2. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Looks nice man, Have fun with that.
  3. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    dude how do you get your camera to do that. mine just gets all blurry. but its an expencive camera
  4. macro zoom. it's the "flower" setting on the camera. Just let the camera zoom to where it wants to be and just shoot. Don't adjust the zoom at all - let the camera do that.
  5. EnterTheFarside

    EnterTheFarside the cats pajamas

    sweet fancy moses!
  6. also if you have one of them like magnafying glasses for jewelry.. you can put your lense up to that for an even better picture...

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