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Discussion in 'Children's Books' started by We_All_Shine_On, May 9, 2004.

  1. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    anyone ever read these as a child? In the other room I've got all my childhood books and there are 82 'golden books' with the shiny silver spine lol
    what was your favorite?
    I think mine was biolosky's special picnic lol
  2. I had a whole bunch. The one that I remember liking the best was about all these animals that lived together ina house, and when one would cook dinner, it would be a fight because the bird couldn't eat soup, or the cat didn't like acorns. It was so cute. I'm going to go look for that book
  3. Indriel

    Indriel Member

    When I think of my childhood I think of Golden Books! I was always reading them & they were where I gained my love of reading that's lasted my whole life! I collected them, kept them for years, my favourites were ones like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White etc - the fairy tales - & I ended up giving them to nieces & nephews so they all went to good homes.Golden Books - a real blast from the past!!
  4. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    lol they kick ass... but I'm wondering, wtf is a tarbaby? cuz in brer rabbit he makes a baby out of tar is if it's actually something. By the picture I'm guessing it's a person with dark skin. Is that what it is?
  5. Oh I LOVED Little Golden Books!! My favourite was their Alice in Wonderland. I loved the pictures and thought Alice was so pretty. :)
  6. HappyChild

    HappyChild Member

    never had any golden books. but i do remember,
    "where's my mother?" and "cloudy with a chance of meatballs".

    anybody read those?
  7. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    no... and I think you didn't read them when you were a kid did you drink whole bottles of cough syrup?
    lol sorry j/j. does anyone remember a book about spaghetti? like, the whole thing was about spaghetti.....
  8. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

    YES! I used to LOVE this book "The Spaghetti Party" and it was about all these kids who went to a spaghetti party and they were like walking around town and meeting all their friends who were doing dirty things (like washing dogs and painting fences, haha) and they were just like "Come as you are!" I loved that book. That book is the reason why I love spaghetti.

    About the Golden books, YES! I loved those, too. My favourite was The Cat Who Climbed The Christmas Tree. I think it was a golden book. If not, I remember liking the Duck Tales ones, but I only remember because my sister's bookshelf is in the same room (i passed on all my books to her) and I just went over and looked.
  9. worldhealer

    worldhealer Member

    i loved the Golden Books too . . i remember one about these cats that would paint things different colors . . . thinking of the tarbaby though, yeah there definitely were some pretty backward things in terms of racism in some of them. i remember one called little black sambo. my mom would always change it to little brave sambo though.

    wow thinking of golden books also has me thinking about richard scary . . and about this book called mousekin's golden house about a mouse that moved into a jack o'lantern. my mom would read it to me every halloween to get me to let her put my jack o'lanten out in the woods when the next day came.

    sorry for my stoned rambling ;-) lol
  10. oh golden books were the shit.
    My favourites were one about scuffy the tugboat, one about Rags, a security dog and one with grover off sesame street called something like "the monster at the end of this book" - that one was awesome, i still find it funny. especially when grover builds a brick wall across the page to stop you from turning it (and finding the monster) and on the next page the wall is in ruins and grover says wow, you know, you are so strong.

    But tha's a lie actually, the best part is whn the montter is grover and then he says "oh, and you were so scared" then "i'm so embarressed".

  11. Heat

    Heat Smile, it's contagious! :) Lifetime Supporter

    I read them as a child and then read them to my two children.....nice way to grow up is reading with someone and learning to love to read. :)
  12. OMG Scuffy the tugboat!! I had that one!! What about Raggety Anne and Raggety Andy??! I loved that one too!
  13. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    My mom used to read those to me when I was a wee tot. :D I used to chew on the shiny spines. lol

    Yes, I loved books THAT much. ;)
  14. ahaha, lol, scuffy was a cool dude.

    But raggety anne and andy scared me...they were so freakish looking, like they could snap at any
  15. CapnQuisp

    CapnQuisp Member

    My favorite Little Golden Book is undoubtedly "Tootle", the story of a baby locomotive who went to school to learn the skills required to be a big locomotive. The most important lesson: STAY ON THE RAILS NO MATTER WHAT. Another good lesson in the book is: trains are not allowed to play with butterflies :)

    Mind The Gap
  16. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    i got my nick name for being slow from this book:

  17. JaeSung

    JaeSung Member

    I love "The Monster at The End of This Book". I agree. That's definitely the best part.
  18. I LOVE Golden Books! :) I have a Powerpuff Girls one as a kid XD Plus other stories I read by them in stores and stuff were very cute, too! Very good kids book company :)

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