Going to try to get put on subs today, help with questions.

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by deathofseasons, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Ive been addicted to various opiates throughout the last 7 years and I am currently withdrawing and going to try to get put on suboxone today. In my system right now is methadone and suboxone since thats all I could afford and they last the longest, will this be a problem with getting a script? My sister goes to a sub dr who is from what I read the best around for.addiction, will it be possible for me to see him or is that a conflict of.interest like a psychologist? Another problem is.since she.gets subs from him and knows.my dad takes methadone for pain will he accuse me of stealing or getting it from them even thouhh I didn't? Is there anything I should or shoulnt say?
    Thanks in advance, for anyone who has done this is there any possibility I could find someone today? I can't wait any longer.
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    I hope you get the help you need.
  3. Thanks, I got an appointment for tomorrow noon to see.a different.sub dr with a good rep, I would really love to get.prescribed.neurontin for my anxiety and panic attacks, it is like a miracle drug for me, is there anything I can say to get prescribed it? Would requesting it hurt my chances despite it being non addictive and non narcotic without abuse potential?
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    Ok, first off, if the Dr. you are going to go to, is certified to Administer Suboxone, he will require you to be in full withdrawals. That's how he was trained. Some Dr.'s may not be able to tell but most have done ER time and know all too well what being in withdrawals is like. Next, why are you going on Suboxone? I ask this question because so far, all you've stated is how you want to score and then score again! This LINK will provide you with a list of Dr.'s in your area who are authorized(trained) to administer Suboxone. On the web site you will see a locate Doctor by ZIP CODE to the upper right. You will most likely find your Sister's Dr., there. A general rule of thumb, DO NOT TRY AND SNOW OVER YOUR SUB DOCTOR, HE IS YOUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE WHEN IT COMES TO BEING FREE OF OPIATES. Answer his questions directly and honestly. If he even gets a whiff of you coming across as someone who just wants a script for Subs to tide you over between scores, He will escort you out the door! Also, while women are different, Dr.'s tend to be a tad bit more lenient, HEY, its human nature, get over it, What worked for her, may not necessarily work for you. If you are NO SHIT IN WD's, he will know and he will accept you as a patient. If he accepts you, he will get you out of WD's THAT DAY, before you leave his office! WD's affect certain people in a certain way. everyone's different, but your vitals will tell the story, and good luck with controlling those! If anxiety is an issue for you, work thru your FAMILY Dr, for referral to Psych. Don't even try to work that angle with your SUB Dr., chances are, you will get bounced. I was on SUBS for 14 months, honestly, It's a miracle Drug and worked for me. I am opiate free and have been for 16 months now, although I have a virtual Pharmacy of Opiates still in my possession, LOL! But not for long cause prices are just about where I want em to start unloading. Good luck to ya!

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