Going to try it. Need advice.

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by ForestNymphe, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Hi Lotus Blossom. There is a great source of info right here at http://www.sagewisdom.org/.

    As for general advise, do not be disappointed if you do not have an experience the first time. This is common.

    Please have a sitter, someone who you trust completely and have them read the sagewisdom site. Salvia is unlike any other ethogen and it is important that you have someone there that will ensure you stay safe. When my husband first experienced salvia, he felt a need to try and walk around and being in salvia space, did not see our glass coffee table.

    I find for myself, I have better experiences when I meditate beforehand and ensure that mind, body and spirit are all in harmony and peace. Be in a good space before you smoke.

    Salvia experiences are extraordinary and much wisdom can be gleaned from the Shepardess. Keep an open mind and heart and you will learn alot about yourself.

    What else, outside stimuli like music is not needed. Some folks find it annoying.

    Create a safe sacred space for the experience and relax. That ten minutes you are in salvia space will seem timeless.

    These are things that I do when I use salvia. I have had alot of wonderful experiences and I hope your first experience is peaceful and enlightening.
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    Yeah, ForestNymph really covers it well. It's important to have a sitter, and to reduce external stimuli to close to nothing. You should tell your sitter to do something else while you are having an experience, and not to focus on you.

    Ask him/her not to talk to you unless you talk to them first, and not to touch you unless you're really going to hurt yourself (like fall down the stairs).

    And, whoever you choose for a sitter, make sure you're comfortable with them being a sitter. You could do some things that you might find embarrassing (I'm not talking about pulling down your pants and beating off or something, but I've had people who were "trying to look for me" come right up to my face, about an inch away, trying to find me, and try to grab for me to find where I am, haha), but a good sitter knows that while your body is doing whatever it is, YOU are not quite present in that body at all times. =)

    Anyway, enough of the scary things. =P

    Salvia is entirely based on your mindset and your environment. If you go into the experience relaxed and expecting to be ripped from reality for a good 30 minutes to an hour, and you clear your mind beforehand, you should have a good experience. Don't jump into it hastily or sloppily; make sure you have it premeditated. =)

    And, make sure your setting is clean and spacious for you to move around in if you want! I almost always just lay back and let the experience unfold, but some people get up and move around, even if they aren't trying to. Make sure you have ample room to experience in!

    And, if you want, soft music can be good. But, it shouldn't have lyrics (lyrics will simulate a person talking to you, and my friends and I get uncomfortable if we have someone talking to us during the experience), and make sure it's very mellow. BEWARE A POWERFUL BASS LINE, haha. I was listening to a pretty base-reliant song, and man, that was pretty crazy, almost scary, but I managed to stay relaxed.

    Anyway, enough lecturing. =) I wish you a mystical, enjoyable, and enlightening experience!

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