going to thailand in 3days!

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by mmm_greentea, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. mmm_greentea

    mmm_greentea Member

    am off to thailand on monday for three months. only booked it a few weeks ago and have planned nothing! sounds foolish i know but im sure it'll all fall into place. am arriving in bangkok but dont want to stay there long. i think im going to head south first and chill ont beaches for a while then go north upto chaing mai and then pai but really i'v no clue.
    was just wondering whether people had any general advice or places i should definitly go or definitly stay away from. dont really want to be in super torristy areas. and any things i should bring with me that i might not think of? am packing light.
    also im going to have to cross the border at some point because my visa runs out and iv not decided which country to go to. vietnam maybe or laos or malaysia or fuck knows!?
    dont know what im after really just any words of advice...?
  2. Rollin24/7

    Rollin24/7 Member

    you're so lucky, I've been thinking of trying this class which lets you take teaching classes in thailand, but I'd have to wait after i'm done with my classes in new york. Anywayz GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. Choosing Vietnam is the next destination. I am sure you will want to stay there long.
    Believe me :)
  4. opportunist86

    opportunist86 Member

    toooooo much time you have. Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, phuket and all the wy to the opposite side of thailand. I'd stay for as short as possible in Bangkok.
  5. kasi

    kasi Member

    It is easier and better to get around Thailand without a tour many place in Bangkok which is favorite to the tourist i suggest to you that must go to museums of Thailand because you will know about the culture and heritage of the Thailand..

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