going to do weed

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by dudeman99, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. dudeman99

    dudeman99 Member

    I just bought i think a gram from some guy for 50 bucks. i want to try doing weed but im scared because ive never done drugs and i dont want to overdose or get addicted
  2. ishade32

    ishade32 Member

    only 1 gram for 50 US dollars?!?!?! omg u just got ripped off

    secondly, u cant get addicted nor can you overdose on marijuana. obviously your not fit for smoking weed because you know nothing about it, seeing as you think 1 gram is worth 50 bucks and u think that u can overdose/get addicted. If i were you, i would do ALOT of research.
  3. ishade32

    ishade32 Member

    i dont mean this in a good way, its for your own benefit. You just got ripped off cuz u dont know prices. Now you just proved that you dont know what this drug does, so your guna be probably in for a bad experience. Why arent you smoking with friends?
  4. thomyorke

    thomyorke Member

    i think he's kidding

    please be kidding
  5. TangerineSoul

    TangerineSoul Member

    Anyone that "does" weed, instead of smoking it...
  6. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

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  8. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

  9. Tommy1The1Cat

    Tommy1The1Cat Senior Member

    Make sure u roll a doobie and inject it in your arm.
  10. Gsmall

    Gsmall Member

    oh man lol
  11. dudeman99

    dudeman99 Member


    lol is this kid retarded?
  12. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    1st off
    asperin..,is a drug
    weed is an herb

    youve done drugs all your life
    ever drink a soda a coffee a red bull a beer..ever taken a pill to help ya sleep or get through an illness ..ya been raised on drugs all your life
    many are adictive..like caffeine

    weed..is an herb, as amn herb its not chemicaly perverted like a drug
    but the active ingrediant..the high..is not addictive..and u cant possibly smoike enough to ever od
    especialy if your dumb enough to pay 50 a gram

    lets seee pics, i can almost guarantee u didnt buy weed, but....weeeds
    a handfull of random leaves or somethin..
    the best weed in the world aint worth 50 a gram
  13. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    i guess so
    ya didjnt even realize its your own post, and ya just called yourself retarded

    dont smoke weed..ya already got enough problems

    go back to school
  14. dudeman99

    dudeman99 Member

    lolol i cant believe i got so many serious responses sorry if you wasted your time typing

    50 a gram man... shit was laced with gold flakes and diamond powder
  15. Megadeth

    Megadeth Member

    i thought 20 a gram was over doing it...
  16. slybond

    slybond Member

    weed is also great as a suppository
  17. dr frylock

    dr frylock Member

    thats some saturday night live shit. lol
  18. -CoDy-

    -CoDy- Member

    haha my thoughts exactly

    Either you've just purchased the worlds best weed or you got ripped off.
  20. philywilly

    philywilly Member

    ahaha.. I love how most of the members never bother to read these threads before posting.

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