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Discussion in 'The Environment' started by Gniknus, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Gniknus

    Gniknus Member

    I have decided to go eco-friendly about 5years ago, now people are going"green" they annoy me, they aren't really doing anything, the the people who wear green is the new black, ughhh. anyway, I have been making my own shampoo out of natural ingredients, also lotion, soap,and makeup, I know that I am making a difference, as little as I am.
  2. kaytee89

    kaytee89 Member

    I mean obviously "going green" has become a new trend but if thats what it takes for people to start altering their lifestyles even in the littest way, then we are still moving forward on our path to sustainability. If consumers demand the "green" products from department stores, then there wont be a need to make so many of the hazardous products. Goin green will be the most important trend in our generation and I for one am so glad that the environment has taken the spotlight. Keep doin the great work you are doing but dont put people down for not doing enough. It will only take time for them to realize the real cause behind green marketing.
  3. kpbluey

    kpbluey Member


    To me i think the biggest impact that we can have is to grow our own foods and stop eating the crappy stuff from large chain markets and eat local from a co-op, also stop eating meat because (like cows) because the farming there errodes the soil and wheat is eco- unfriendly too.
  4. Teale

    Teale Member

    i think the going green trend is the best thing that could've come along :]
    but the thing that hurts the environment the most is raising animals for food. :eek:
  5. M4rt1n

    M4rt1n Member

    I do as much as I can to reduce my negative impact on the environment. I don't drive a car. I eat local whole foods as much as I can.

    I am an activist in the fight against our pervasive use of plastic. Plastics do not biodegrade and there is a floating mass of plastic garbage the size of Texas floating in the Pacific.

    My blog PlasticLess.com has lots of tips on how to reduce your personal consumption of plastic.
  6. stazzy04

    stazzy04 Member

    Personally, I don't know if me going "green" was to follow the fad or a decision that I just happened to make at the same time the fad went into full swing. But you know what, I think that I'm finally doing something that is greater than myself and something it in some small way is helping the environment.

    P.S. My environmental science teacher my freshman year had me convinced that there was no such thing as global warming until about a year and a half ago.
  7. kaytee89

    kaytee89 Member

    Im courious to know your teacher's reasoning for that?
  8. Bungle

    Bungle Guest

    You folks make me laugh........deep in the belly
  9. stazzy04

    stazzy04 Member

    Umm... I really don't know why.
    I never really did like him anyways, and I don't know why I believed him.
  10. groovyfreak27

    groovyfreak27 Member

    Can you share your ingredents with me so I can check the shampoo and soap out don't need any make-up. Thanks
  11. Etherwind27

    Etherwind27 Member

    It's good to go green, but just remember you can't have your cake and eat it too. going the whole 9 yards of sustainability means you must sacrifice industrial society in its entirety. If you change your light bulbs you are still burning coal. If you get a hybrid you are still burning gas. Even if you eat organic Oranges in January you are still creating a demand for an industry that relies on oil to transport it all. The ones doing that right now are getting a good start, because sooner or later as oil & coal runs out and population is still exploding... the Earth will demand that we go green or perish.
  12. seraphina

    seraphina Member

    most peoples sentiments are "i am small and innocuous and my actions dont matter in the grand scheme of things", and thats true. But everyone together can make a difference, and the only persons actions you can control is your own. so start there.

    If we all made an effort to eat organic, use less electricity, and drive less the difference would be huge. We could all do with less. America is the most wasteful and self indulgent country i have ever seen.

    i think the green trend is positive. because the latest generation of children have all been raised with cell phones, laptops, a fixation with material objects. This fixation wasnt there when i was growing up nor was this technology. maybe this latest "trend" can help todays children realize that given the time they were born into, its important to maybe use less.
  13. stazzy04

    stazzy04 Member

    I disagree. I feel that going the whole nine yards is wonderful, but for some people, they just can't do it. If you can't go off the grid, then yes... change your lightbulbs. If you can't walk to work, then if anything, yes drive a hybrid. Shop from your local farmer's market. But if they don't have what you need, then buy organic.

    Our natural resources will be gone someday. But for most of society, they can't snap their fingers and boom... they've gone entirely green. They're teaching the children in this world to be more conscious of their actions and are doing what is logical for them to do. Example... I consider myself as having gone green. But guess what... I don't even have a hybrid and I work in a different town, so I can't walk. And I'm not going to up and quit my job just because I have to drive to work.

    So all in all... while I encourage everyone to go the whole nine yards and I don't understand why some people still insist on releasing carbon into the air, pumping their bodies full of chemicals, and ruining our oceans... I feel that any effort is better than no effort.
  14. Gniknus

    Gniknus Member

    Just look up what ever you want on Youtube, but the makeup recipes I made myself, but you don't need it so...

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