going back on the road Help Needed

Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by Geni+Doc, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Geni+Doc

    Geni+Doc Member

    8 years ago I was a happy road dog. Now I want to go back to that life. Rainbow gatherings, Tour shows like Futher fest and Phil and friends and other cool shows. I know how to survive on the road and have a drivers license. I did it for 5 wonderfull years. As a attractive lady I have no business out there alone. So I am looking for a partner. It a fun time if you have never tried it. :birds:You can see my photo on My Space search Geni McCoy Springfield IL
    I have had some wonderful responses to my post but still have not found any thing for sure yet so if any kind brothers or sister are looking for a nice and easy to get along with road partner please let me know.
    Peace and love Geni:leaving:
  2. ryan76

    ryan76 Member

    Souds like fun ill go.
  3. Geni+Doc

    Geni+Doc Member

    It is good times a carefree lifestyle going to gatherings and shows. Where do you live. I want to get a car hitch hikeing sucks. I am thinking about heading out around mid may that is when the shows start.
  4. twstd_munky

    twstd_munky Member

    i have a car no license u wanna drive i wanna ride wherever whenever im down
  5. Geni+Doc

    Geni+Doc Member

    Sounds like a perfect match to me. have you ever been on the road?
  6. ryan76

    ryan76 Member

    I live in ontario.
  7. Geni+Doc

    Geni+Doc Member

    Hey ryan
    Do you think you would like being on the road.
  8. NeuTroN420420

    NeuTroN420420 Member

    i love riding i got a car ill go any were
  9. Geni+Doc

    Geni+Doc Member

    Its still a little soon for tour I am thinking around May
  10. Geni+Doc

    Geni+Doc Member

    I think weedstook happened in late April last time I went was in 99.
  11. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    workin on gettin a bus myself and doin the road thing full time or nearly full time
    been gojn to gstherins since 86 i think
    only did the full road dog thing a year though, and really wanna live more nomadicly from now on
  12. Fluteman46

    Fluteman46 Member

    The hitchhikeing days are over!!! I ought too know as I've had too walk mostly from Oklahoma City too Ocala,Fla. summer of 2007.A horse is what I'm looking for.That would B a best friend anywhere,once trained.There is grass of all kinds aplenty on all secondary roads free just for the takeing,an plenty of water too.

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