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Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Crystaleyes, May 18, 2007.

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    Ok heres the problem...I wonder if i have manic-depression because i can be on an incredible high for anything from a day to a week, feeling like the future will be amazing, i can do anything, lifes great (sometimes these days are interspersed with sad thoughts however) then i just suddenly become depressed, don't want to go out, have no motivation, feel lonely etc this can also last for anything from a few days to a week or more sometimes.
    When i get sad sometimes i just feel like turning to drugs and drink, i want to blur it all out, i get so desperate, but i know its no life to live, deep down i don't want to get in to all that shit and running away. Sometimes it feels like the depression won't pass though.
    I don't know why i'm like this, i have a job (a dull one but hey thats life), a great family, a have friends who i go out with most weekends (not the best friends in the world i must say, but at least ive got some), i've been dating a few guys, i'm supposed to be going to uni in september (i'm quite worried about it) and i have money, a home etc. I mean my life isn't exactly a disaster, it could be worse.
    One thing that does sadden me though, is that i am not in a proper relationship, sometimes i feel lonely and in need of emotional attention which i don't really get from friends or my family, i need love basically. I have been dating but i don't feel ready for relationship somehow, with my mind so fucked up i don't think anybody would want to be with me, i have quite low self-confidence on my bad days as well. But still this shouldn't make me depressed should it? Why is my mindset so erratic?
    Do you think i do have a psychological problem? Like an illness? please share ur thoughts, id appreciate it! x
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    I'm of the mindset that in order to manage mental lows one should manage the highs. If you are having difficulty modulating your mood swings, drugs and alcohol will only complicate things.

    Mental discipline is likely to be a lifelong discipline where you're always going to need to be on your guard for possible mood swings. Try your best to avoid drugs to deal with this as they are not likely to offer any permanent solution. Confide in someone you can trust... perhaps seek some sort of counseling.
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    IF you think you may have bipolar disorder, see a doctor! It can be a lethal disorder. Your best bet would be to see a psychiatrist and a therapist to work out issues like low self confidence. Best of luck finding help.

    Peace and love

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