Girls, When u masturbate do u like to

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by love_touch, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. love_touch

    love_touch Member

    tease urself and make it last and last and last????

    As a guy i find it real Hot to get right up to what I call the Point of no return.....then stop.......start and stop until I just HAVE to CUm.......its sooo intense for me that an EXPLosion.

    Ladies, Please share do u do it this way too?? Any details u feel comfortable sharing would be welcomed :)

    Ps. if u like, feel free to PM Me!
  2. hadji123

    hadji123 Member

    im a guy but i do that too
  3. love_touch

    love_touch Member

  4. lietchi

    lietchi Member

    I haven't really got the patience for it :p I've tried it but usually it doesn't make my orgasm stronger...
  5. love_touch

    love_touch Member

    mmmmm so u perfer the quickie method? How long does it take u usually to orgasm? Real intense?
  6. lietchi

    lietchi Member

    Hm, anywhere between under a minute (if I'm really in a hurry) and half an hour if I choose to take it slow... Usually five minutes or so.
  7. love_touch

    love_touch Member

    Wow......under a minute. I thought only guys could do it that fast. Even 5 minutes is pretty fast What do u do to orgasm sooo quickly??

    Pm me if u like :)
  8. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    definitely, makes it more satisfying when it happens :)
  9. lietchi

    lietchi Member

    Lol, under a minute is easiest when I'm already very aroused... Usually just rubbing my clit, circular motion, pretty fast and hard, some say "furiously"...
  10. love_touch

    love_touch Member

    Lol, under a minute is easiest when I'm already very aroused... Usually just rubbing my clit, circular motion, pretty fast and hard, some say "furiously"...[/QUOTE]

    mmmmmm must be real real real furious!!!!!!

    And what gets u soooooo aroused that make u just HAVE TO furiously
    GO FOR IT!!!! I love details :)
  11. Kadn

    Kadn Member

    hell yeah
    i do it like this all the time
    in fact when i come quick i find its not as strong, so i normally go 4 it again and tease myself second time round lmao
  12. fritz

    fritz Heathen

    Not so often, masturbation is generally more of a quick fix so I can think. Sexual frustration can make it very difficult to concentrate. Sleep..too.
  13. gloss

    gloss Member

    i usually do it like twice a day...before work, and before bed. before work its a quick 10-15 minute job, as just noted...its a good wakeup and helpful for morning concentration. before bed is longer, more like 30-45 minutes, with a lot of self-foreplay. thats usually a longer, deep and slow kind of orgasm....morning is like a little explosion. both are good!
  14. garfbag

    garfbag Member

    wow so you spend one hour a day to play with yourself?!?! I wish I have that much time....
  15. Lens

    Lens Member

    hi. I am a hungarian boy. my skype name is: handjobwithme. :) klick to me. Girls and boys.....
  16. NJM

    NJM Member

    I'm a guy, i liek to tease myself at times.
  17. Orgasmic

    Orgasmic Member

    I'm a girl.
    I don't think teasing myself makes my orgasm any stronger, but I like to enjoy myself for long periods of time.
    hehe ;)
  18. horny_24/7

    horny_24/7 Member

    Im a male, i like to spend time sometimes while i am masturbating by starting and stopping and just teasing myself, it makes orgasm feel soo much better but takes a while so I dont do it all the time.
  19. whereami

    whereami Member

    I still get off on the thought that females masturbate on a regular basis. A female friend of mine just told me the other day that on her days off she'll lay around the house & fuck herself at least 8-10 times throughout the day. I think the ONLY thing that will prevent a woman from masturbating is if she grew up in a religious household. Otherwise,the pussy is just as much fair game as a cock.

    Just for shits & giggles if I'm anywhere in public I'll look at a beautiful woman & think about if she just masturbated before leaving the house to run her errands,what she uses to get off,how freaky she gets with her bad self,etc.

    I wouldn't be surprised to find that I'm not too far off.
  20. seekfull

    seekfull Member

    I can make it last about an hour, sometimes more, all clit play too. Ill start by reading these forums to get me nice and wet, rubbing the whole time, then I'll go to some erotic story (wont tell you which kind) Then I finish off at X tube adn watch as many men as I can mastrubate.mmmmmmm. I do this about every night.

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