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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Advaya, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hi, I am looking for some ideas for gifts which would correspond to different signs. In particular I am looking for gifts for pisces. They could be related to the stones / flowers / planets or even just loosly based on astrology. This could be fun to compile for all signs though! So, if you have ideas what would be good astrology themed gifts let me know!!
  2. superduper15

    superduper15 Member

    Perhaps a fish wrapped in some tinsel?
  3. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member


    I saw a lamp recently filled with blue
    liquid....when you switch it on lots of
    fish swimming around...

    Seems the perfect gift for a Neptunian

  4. Alloy

    Alloy Member

    Mutuable signs:

    Pisces love travel gifts, coupons, hotel reservations gifts, etc. I gave my two pisces friends this for their weddings and they loved it.

    Virgos like books in a subject that interests them, just make sure they have not read it yet. Also, they like stuff for their gardens and yards

    Geminis love a good surprise gift, that we were not expecting. Make sure it is something they like or they will return it. Anything bright is to ther liking. They prefer elegant clothing gifts over average clothing. high tech gadgets work as good gifts

    Sagittarius love gifts that involve foreign themes, travel gifts, or even something for sports or outdoors to thier tastes. They like funny and educational gifts too.
  5. Enlil6

    Enlil6 Member

    Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Some traditional stones and plants for Jupiter are

    Colors - white and pale yellow
    Stones - crystal and pale yellow stones
    Metals - tin
    plants - hazelnut, pine, trees with nuts, mint and all sweet-smelling plants, saffron
    Incense - sandalwood, musk, mace, ambergris

    Pisces deals with religion and anything nautical.
  6. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    Pisces is ruled by Neptune isnt ?

    I thought Saggi was ruled by Jupiter?
  7. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    In ancient astrology Pisces was ruled by Jupiter, in modern astrology it's ruled by Neptune. I'm not sure when they switched but I read information about it, I believe it has to do with when planets were discovered.

    I wish I could get some rather conclusive information on colors/crystals/flowers associations. I don't have any good books and all the websites seem to differ from one another.
  8. eremidunno

    eremidunno Member

    in some tarot decks the sign (pisces) is represented by the moon (atu 18). the actual body (the moon) itself is given as the high priestess in these packs. the glyph of the sign shows 2 crescent moon shapes with a line running across the middle, presumably portraying the lunar cycle.

    atu 18 corresponds with the hebrew letter qoph, meaning back of head. crimson (ultra violet) is given in crowley's tables of correspondences (possibly largely borrowed from the golden dawn) as it's colour in the king scale. dolphins are associated along with fish generally, pearls given as the related precious stones. ambergris is given as the perfume, and all narcotic drugs are indicated, particularly opium.

    phantoms and werewolves are suggested under the heading 'legendary orders of being', and the sign is said to represent the legs and feet of the human body. there's obviously the poseidon/neptune link, and the number of qoph is 100. one could no doubt go on forever with this, and all associations are open to further interpretation, of course.

    hope it's useful (and appropriate!),


  9. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Thank You!
  10. ninabruja

    ninabruja Member

    pisceans can be very indesicive,confusing, and changable..i would know cus my moons in it and half my friends are fishies. =P

    i suggest a gift card. espeically someplace like barnes and noble... where they can chose something that tickles theyre fancy.
  11. oh man! I'm a Pisces... my favorite thing to say when making a hard decision is "decisions decisions i hate decisions" okay. i am also very changeable and confusing! just thought you guys should know this even though it has nothing to do with the subject.

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