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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by hubbit1, Aug 5, 2013.

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    I was wondering if anyone has any memorable moments that really made them become a go-barefoot lover. When I was younger, I never really went barefoot very often. Then I became friends with a guy at work. One day I gave him a ride home and he invited me in. His younger brother was there watching TV barefoot with nice dirty soles. I chatted with him while my friend went to change. When he came back, he came in barefoot also. I casually made a remark about their bare feet and was told they both loved going barefoot as much as possible. I started hanging out with them more and eventually I got the nerve to also be barefoot when I was at their house. When I realized it was both fun and relaxing to go barefoot, I never looked back.
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  2. nuspieds

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    I can sum up my whole attraction to barefooting in one single word:
  3. charlie35

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  4. Barefoot-boy

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    I was never did much barefooting as a young lad, in fact I was extremely shy about being seen barefoot by others. The desire to be barefoot has been with me since childhood, but to actually do it was another story. At 15 I befriended this girl from school who lived close to me. As I got to know her, I would pay a visit to her home when one Saturday I went over to visit her and she was barefoot. I envied her because she had no problems going barefoot, even in front of her parents. To make a long story short, it looked too dam comfortable, that finally I starting losing the inhibition and stated shunning my shoes.

    I too never looked back.
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  5. Shakti_Om

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    When I was a child a lot of my friends ran around without shoes, it was part of life that I took for granted. My parents also were of the belief that it was better to play barefoot; they'd rather that than me ruin by best shoes.
    I've always been barefoot on/off TBH it's something I don't think about much :)
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  6. Prewitt

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    Hi All. I'm new here and thought this would be a good topic for my first post. My story starts back in college. One day, as part of a class project, my professor began assigning tasks to each student. These tasks were to be carried out over the course of a week and were designed to make the students deal with socially awkward situations. When the professor walked to my desk, she told me to remove my shoes and socks. I rarely went barefoot prior to this experiment. I always wore laced up shoes and usually only took them off at night to go to sleep. Per the Professor's instructions, I went barefoot for an entire week. At the end, I was so happy to be able to wear my shoes again. In the weeks after the experiment, I noticed that my feet were constantly,without my knowledge, slipping from their shoes( and sometimes socks) anytime I was sitting down. So I bought a pair of birkenstocks to accommodate my new compulsion to slip my shoes off. I basically went from wearing very conservative lace up shoes with socks to wearing very loose sandals barefoot. It got to the point, that more often than not, I would have to search for my sandals every time i stood up from a desk or table. I remember standing up in the food court one day to find that one of my birkenstocks was lying in the floor about six feet behind my chair. I turned around, slipped off my other birk, and walked out the door barefoot. That was 12 years ago.
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  7. Antony14

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    And her parents, were they barefoot also?
  8. Barefoot-boy

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    No they never were in fact. The girl I dated (despite my parents wishes) was barefoot often as well as her sister.

    Sometimes all it takes is get to know another person who is into bare feet, they lead the way and you think to yourself, why not me???
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  9. Amanda's bare feet, this is Rutger. Rutger, Amanda's bare feet.
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  10. Me too. That's the origin.

    But then I saw the barefoot running stuff online, read the science of it, and decided I want to strengthen my feet and learn to go barefoot. I got used to it and it wasn't long before I hated wearing shoes where before I didn't.
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  11. Antony14

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    So they were shod even home? My story was very much alike: I saw other barefoot children and envied and could not understand why I couldn't take my shoes off if I wanted
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    I think it started at a young age when my sister had a party at home and one of her friends was barefoot the whole time. It fascinated me that she was allowed to do this by her parents and wasn't told off by my parents, who were quite strict. A bit later there were two girls in our village who would go around barefoot. (This was in the days when it was more common and a bit of a groovy rebellious thing to do). I both admired and envied them.
  13. BarefootedBoy

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    I guess I always admired and envied those who went barefoot, but never did it myself as a kid. My parents didn't like it, and felt people might think we were too poor to buy shoes, etc. So I wore shoes and socks everywhere except for bed and bath.
    But one summer day in my teens, I was hanging at home, and untied my sneakers, intending to relax in socked feet. Then, I suddenly decided the socks had to go, and yanked them off. From that time on, I've loved being barefoot anytime and anywhere I can!
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  14. Barefoot-boy

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    Yes, I too envied and admired those who went barefoot. I actually get depressed thinking about all of those missed opportunities if I hadn't been so shy about others seeing my feet. But, I refocus and stay in the present and enjoy what I've been missing throughout time.

    There are times when the fantastic feeling of being barefoot overrides any shyness or inhibitions.You just gotta get 'em off!
  15. I'minmyunderwear

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    i think this was the catchphrase of the pokemon porno.
  16. BarefootedBoy

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    Being barefoot is SO fantastic! The freedom and comfort are the best.
    Yes, you just gotta get 'em off and be FREE!
  17. fatelvis

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    Just think how many people secretly want to be any of us when they see us out and about.
  18. Antony14

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    The only thing is why secretly and not openly
  19. I am thinking we should do an anonymous poll to find out how many people The Hip Polls

    Not sure how to word it.
  20. barefootPatrick

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    You broke free dude! Bet it felt good.

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