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Discussion in 'Health' started by Giovanni420, May 26, 2007.

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    Hey guys.. I need some tips. Since its the summer, and I'm going to college in FL... I came to the conclusion its time to shed some weight, and such. I need some tips that work. I have a regiment me, and my karate sensi came up with. To give you the downlow what I do i stretch, push ups/sit ups, and run. I'm about 18 years old, weigh around 190-195 pounds, and about 6'2. Can I get some advice?
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    If you are looking to get healthy, and have a simple not too muscular physique here is what I do consistantly to stay happy...

    First off, eating habits are what truly help your body. You will lose a lot of unhealthy fat by not drinking dont have to stop altogether (i recommend doing so) and can have one every once in a while, but replacing that with water is the best thing for ya. (I had a gut, and i swear the damn thing just vanished over 2 weeks of just water...)

    Go to the grocery store and get some fruits you like...

    I dont have a lot of money and fruit during certain seasons can cost a wicked lotta money.

    I buy canned pineapple, fresh apples, banannas, and grapes. I eat them every day and love it. Its good for a snack, or even a meal once in a while.

    Just remember, that eating only fruits can sometimes not be good for you, a balanced diet (assuming you are not a Vegitarian, or Vegan) is best. Eating chicken, fruits, a variety of veggies (most important in my book), bread, and some fish if you like makes all the difference.

    If you dont eat meat, then by all means get alot of veggies in your system!

    Also, you will have to stop eating until you are know that feeling when you eat a super sized WacArnolds Value meal? Like you are stuffed? That can be nice every once in a while, but in the end, isnt good. Eat small meals, like 4-6 times a day depending on how you feel.

    Now for the exercise:

    The number one most important thing: Stretch. Stretching muscles is dire. I stretch first thing every morning out of bed. It connects the sleepy brain with your muscles much faster, It wakes the muscles up slowly so you dont pull something, and just feels good! I stretch a little before I do my routine, and A LOT helps keep down the level of soreness you will undoubtedly feel.

    Make sure you dont ever go for more than an hour. (some say not even more than 30 mins a day.) It can break down the muscle tissue too much, and cause more damage than anything. Make sure you also focus on different things each day you exercise. My plan:

    Monday: I run 3 miles. I stretch like a madman. And make sure I walk as much as possible. I might park my car at work far from the buidling, and try my best to keep moving while at work.

    Tuesday: 200-250 push-ups spread out throughout the day. 50 in the morning, 25 after breakfast, 50 during lunch, 25 between lunch and dinner. 50 after dinner, and maybe 25-50 before bed.

    I also do the same pattern with crunches but I do on average about 400-500 .
    (thats a wicked ammount of pushups/crunches, but ive built up to this for a while, It sounds lame, but its good to start low...for you, it might be 50 in one day...or 100...just make sure you dont over-do it too soon)

    Wednesday: I run 4 miles (5 if i feel good). I stretch like there is no tomorrow. I also do the walking thing like crazy...

    Thursday: I repeat the process of Tuesday.

    Friday: I run 2 miles (by this time my body is sore, and needs a little easier time to build more stamina than just flat out exhausting it...)

    Saturday: I repeat the Tues/Thurs but just a little bit less.

    Sunday: I will walk about 3 miles, do about a third of the tuesday/thurs process, and weigh myself to make sure im not loosing too much weight.


    I might do some pushups before bed no matter what day it is to tire me out. I suffer from bad insomnia, and this helps me somewhat pass out.

    Every so often i will treat myself to some good food. I might go out and eat a big fat meal, or whatever. Its good once in a while.

    You can eat a large variety of foods, but watch what you put in or on them...a salad is great...but not with a pound of ranch dressing....

    A good sandwich can rock my world....but half a container of mayonaise will nullify all the hard work ive done...

    My final word: Pick an easy plan. And stick with it. Thats the hardest part. Cant do it? Find a friend you can convice easily to do it, hype them up, and make sure they push you to do it and you push them...its much easier with a good friend....especially cause you wont want to let them down...

    Good luck man, Honestly, i feel like amazing since i started doing all of this about 5 months training to be in an athletic group for next summer and im trying to get in the best shape possible before I head out...
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    To add to the above...

    As Cuban said, diet is key. Take responsibility for what you put in your system; read ingredients lists and ask yourself, is this something that exists naturally as a food source? Fruits and vegetables are important as well as a protein source. If you are avoiding meat try and get protein from multiple vegetable sources to ensure it is complete. Avoid excessive alcohol.... avoid sugars of all kinds except what exist in fruits and vegetables. Fat is essential to your diet but don't overdo that. DO NOT go on a restrictive calorie diet- it will slow your metabolism and make you store fat.

    For exercise... pick a program you can stick with. If you overbook your workouts the process will get boring and you will give up. Make it enjoyable... take a camera along for bike rides and hikes. Play basketball with some friends... be active. Exercise should tire you out some but it shouldn't be tiresome.
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    Also...change your thinking. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight. Visualization will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goal. Good luck!! :)
  5. Giovanni420

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    hey cuban... your crazy, but im gonna follow your regimen...

    alright i guess ill keep a log with this... ill post each week how im doing!

    my goal weight is 160 in august... ill post a pic to after all of it...

    keep me motivated guys! ill need it
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    I haven't been exercising much except maybe walking around for a half hour or so a day and lost alot of weight. People told me i looked like i lost alot of weight and i didnt really do much.

    My secret: bean eating alot more fruits.

    I dont like vegetables personally , will eat some of themalso but fruits in my opinion are much better.

    Disadvantage was the cost. Sure some are cheap like apples, but alot of berries arnt cheap at all and pineapples arnt very cheap either.

    I still think if u use small portions of each everyday that will be still cheap overall.

    I mean you dont have to eat a whole 3.50 pineapple, then 2 apples, a container of blueberries for 4.00 ..etc.

    Slice the pineappple day by day and use portions of it.
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    your karate instructor suggested that you to do all that--situps, pushups, and running?

    that's kind of funny because karate is all the exercise you could ever need--it works every single muscle in the body so long as you are doing it properly (or at least on the right track to doing it properly--it takes a lifetime to get "good" at karate). of course, karate is not as aerobic as running, but it can give you a great aerobic workout if you allow it to; it takes some serious wind to to do 100 punches or kicks....

    good luck!
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    Try pilates. I have a dvd called "10 minute solutions", it has 5 10 minute segments (1 for legs and butt, 1 for stomach, 1 for arms, 1 for full body, and 1 for a stretch)

    It's super relaxing and tones your muscles to perfection.
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    I want to tighten my skin up and loose about 10-20 pounds. I lost about 100 pounds since last may or so. I just did that by eating earlier in the day, no sodas (except every now and then), and running.

    It's much much fucking harder to finish this last bit of "health cleanup." I've been trying to keep off weight and be able to relax but it just doesn't seem like it's going until now. I've learned that no matter what I've gotta exercize every day and for me personally I can't eat over 1.5k calories. I'm not sure why but I gain mad weight if I eat anything over it. Also my weight fluctuates like crazy. I can be 5 pounds heavier or lighter randomly depending on what I eat and it just doesn't seem right considering the fact that a pound is equal to 3.5k calories. I haven't eaten over 2.5k calories in a day in a LONG fucking time.

    I wake up and run for about 30+ minutes and I'm gonna start doing some skin tightening workouts to assist the process. My goal is about 2 pounds a week, but I may decide to eat a bit more (to get more nutrients or w/e) and only lose a pound a week. My problem is that I can lose a pound or two and then randomly I'm up 3-4. Anyone else have that problem? (oh ya I used to weigh 285 and now I weight 178)
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    Get your fat intake very low, increase your protein intake and decrease
    your carbs. Usually does the trick. How you do it is basically a question of your
    eating preferences.

    In my case, I did it with Japanese food but without rice.
    Check the following foods in Wikipedia:
    - Oden
    - Konjaku
    - Takuwan
    - Kamaboko, Surimi
    - Wakame, Konbu, Hijiki, Nori

    I added lots of vegetables and fruits loke Pumpkins, Melons, Gourds, Mushrooms,
    Pineapples, Papayas, and lots of Green Tea, Ma-te Tea and Mugi-Cha.

    I lost 40 pounds in 3 Months, but I wouldn't have been able to do much work in that
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    Just so happens i have methods of cutting weight relatively quickly, and this will help you i promise if u do it right. It's called the tuna and water diet. Now before you knock it or set the thought aside i just wanna say it works quite well, its used by body builders, but you need to be responsible with it.

    First off, drink only water and milk at all times if u can help it, excess calories are most often found in beverages, especially in pop (soda for all you yanks). If you drink pop, cut it out of your diet completely immediatly. By doing just this i guarentee you will probably lose about 10 pounds if you're a regular pop drinker (every day or so).

    Now, as for the tuna and water diet, this diet should last no longer than 3-4 days at a time and should be implimented every two weeks. All you do is eat about 4 cans of pure tuna every day, this allows no muscle loss due to the high protein counts and also has very little fat. Salmon is also another option and works just as well. Feel free to add pepper (but no salt!) or other spices to your tuna, as spices can sometimes speed up the metabolism. Also, remember, if you dont choose to try this then keep in mind that not eating enough can lead to weight retainment. You NEED a certain amount of calories every day to lose weight effectively or else your body will think its starving and conserve energy (which is what fat is, energy reserves). Once you've successfully completed this diet with lots of cardio on the side (pushups and situps will literally do NOTHING for weight loss) make sure you only eat good food. Cardio is very very important and you dont start to burn fat reserves until roughly after the 20 minute mark. Up until that point you're simply burning your immediate energy reserve called glycogen. It's a tough process and requires strict dedication. Don't eat less, supliment bad food for just as much if not MORE healthy food for best results.

    Good luck and >>>>>>>READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<

    Keep doing your pushups and situps though, because added muscle mass makes for a speedier metabolism.

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