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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Iamien, May 28, 2004.

  1. Iamien

    Iamien Member

    Tonight i am getting some hash for first time, i smoke decent amount of pot lately but how should i smoke this stuff :D
  2. tripp

    tripp Member

    in a pipe

    i like hash a lot better than weed cuz u dont trip out and everything seems to flow perfectly...and u get tunes stuck in ur head playing for the whole day:D its fun
  3. Iamien

    Iamien Member

    mhm got my weed pipe that work fine?
    I was stoned for half of today without smoking since last night, was cracked out till work and at work i tranced out for 2 hours working. Waiting for my guy to call me so i can go meet :p
    Oh and i am stoned
    My friend said if i had nothing i could use this, take a pen tube, a pin, your hash, roll a small ball and put it on pin then light it blow it out and inahle fumes
  4. whatigot4208

    whatigot4208 Member

    last night i called up this kid to score some bud, but he only had hash, so i decided to just get that, so i pick it up and me and my friends look at it and it wasnt hash! it was soft and smelled like boullion or something and tasted sour, we didnt even get a buzz off it, it really sucked, anyway, we just used my piece
  5. BigBong

    BigBong Member

    Hash in the states is pretty rare.. I am not saying it is not possible to get hash in the states, but to actually find good hash you usually need to know a grower, be a grower yourself, or live closer to the canadian border..

    That being said.. I have heard countless of storys of people getting easily ripped off or simply paying an outragous amount of money for a small amount of hash..

    All in all.. my whole point is.. If you dont already have a hook up for hash.. It is usually just alot easier to stick to buying the potent nugs, instead of going through the hassle of buying some hash..
  6. 7leafclover

    7leafclover Member

    My friend bought some great hash at summercamp. Some of the best stuff I've ever smoked.

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