Getting a BJ while spanking your partner!

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by Maximillian1, Mar 17, 2021.

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    Our routine usually had me spanking and vibrating the wife to several orgasms before she services me. She has severe issues with being penetrated by anything due to vaginal issues. Getting old isn't fun, so my release is usually a hand job, while she reddens my bottom, or a bj after the spanking. my favorite is to lie on my back, with her blowing me while a spank her bottom with a thick leather tawse. She's Scottish decent, so it's fitting her bum gets warmed with it! It's just the most erotic thing having her moan from the spanks as she's sucking on me. She'll usually get the vibrator going again after I finish and have an explosive orgasm as I beat her bottom hard with the tawse as she leans on the bed. It's just heaven watching her cum in this way. I've also caned her, with me kneeling on the bed, she lies on her tummy, while she sucks me off. Very erotic. Anyone else try similar? Cheers.
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    Lots of lurkers no comments? This is a forum, for everyone to share! No participation is just sad!
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    Ok I'll bite on this one.

    My wife and I engage in a lot of spank-play. In fact, she gets spanked on various places each time we have sex. Spanking while giving me head is a favorite.

    I don't always use them but I like her to wear her collar, ankle, wrist and thigh cuffs. I usually put them on early during sex b/c they take time to put on and it ruins the momentum during the heat of sex. They have metal rock climbing clips on them and I like to hear them rattle when she's getting a beating or a pounding. In this scenario, I get her to keep her panties on but no bra. I usually have her leashed, on her knees on the floor, hands behind her back giving me head. I like her to look at me in the eyes as she is doing her wifely duties. After some sucking, I'll grab her neck and force her head to my feet with my hand on the back of her neck while I spank her either thru her panties or I may pull them down and spank her bare. I can also rub her puss, finger her but only if she is a good girl. If she's not, I may give her a wedgie while spanking. If she's really naughty I may spank her kitty too. Then I'll pull her leash back up. At this time, I like to hold her face with both hands and kiss her passionately with tongue after she gets a good thrashing. She requires a good degree of after-care during hard / bondage sex, and I like to clean out her mouth as well as taste my own member. Sometimes I'll spank her while she's being kissed.Then, she can continue to suck me off. Guess what happens if she forgets to put her hands behind her back? This can go on for a while.

    This can go in many directions. Her breasts are exposed so sometimes they get spanked too or fondled, pinched, twisted. Her back, upper thighs. I've spanked her armpits, hands, feet ... just not her face. She has really long hair, I've whipped her with her own hair. If I'm being really nasty, I'll step on her upper back for force her face on the floor while spanking her. Another angle is to spread out my spanking implements on a pillow and walk her like a dog with her leash to pick one up with her mouth. Then she can sit on her heels with her chosen implement in her mouth and patiently wait until I'm ready to beat her. I love watching her squirm while I force her neck to the ground and I love hearing her cuffs jingle as she reacts to being spanked.

    Although I've never made her orgasm from spanking alone, she gets absolutely soaked esp during ovulation / mid point of her cycle. It only takes a small lick, rub or penetration to make her explode in orgasm. The more genuine the spank-play, the more spontaneous, creative it is the more she buys into it and the stronger her orgasm. I always try to make it exciting for her but sometimes I just run out of new ideas because we do this scenario a lot. We use the natural method so we hold back from penetrative during the ovulation part of her cycle since she is most fertile at this time. This is when we engage in more elaborate sex scenarios such as this.

    I should mention that although I enjoy this a lot, she enjoys it just as much. She likes the feeling of losing control, being forced against her will by someone she loves and trusts. I would never hurt her or do anything against her personal limits, therefore, no face slapping. This is one of several spank scenarios we play.
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    please delete, meant to send this privately
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    lol, I will PM you Jeni. I'd love to share more ideas.

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