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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by sandal-man, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. sandal-man

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    now it seems to me that everyone in this decade got rich by doing the same things.
    1. they all smoked crack. britney did crack and shes bigger than ever even tho she cant sing anymore and looks like a slut. lindsay lohan smoked crack and shes got more movies out than ever b4. steve-o smoked crack and hes got three tv shows. dave chappelle (sp?) got a show but maybe he stopped or didnt smoke enough cause he got cancelled. (not making fun of him, it was a good show) paris hilton is all u heard about on the news for the past two years and shes got a show for being retarded.
    2. the second thing u have to do is smoke enough crack that you lose ur mind, everyone i mentioned lost their minds. george bush is insane and he got elected president twice! hes probably thinking "maybe if i bring us to the brink of nuclear war, the citizens will think i smoke crack and ill be as big as britney spears... its fool proof! even an idiot like me cant screw it up!"
    3. now if you do these things you may get your own tv show, singing career, or even become president! the possibilities are endless! think about it! smoke some crack and u can b president! if bush can do it anybody can!
  2. bird_migration

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    There are still more people who smoke crack and don't get rich.
  3. praxiskepsis

    praxiskepsis ha!

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    Additionally, they were rich prior to smoking crack.
  4. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

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    i think someone is trying to chlorinate the gene pool
  5. Makaveli_Reborn

    Makaveli_Reborn No?

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    I like it.

    Really though, crack heads are like zombies. They want everybody else to become one so they can mindlessly roam the earth forever wtihout being hassled.

    I say we start handling crack heads like zombies. Decapitate them on sight. :D

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