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Discussion in 'Health' started by Avocado Noni, May 21, 2007.

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    When you spend over 50.00 on any Amazon Herb products, you immediatley recieve preferred pricing or 30% off, which will show up automatically in your cart when you play around with it.

    This applies to all products including

    - Delicious Fair Trade Organic Chocolate - Vegan without dairy

    -Herbal Teas including yerba matte - Wildcrafted and/or organic

    -Herbal formulas for pet - Very cool, the treasure tea is suitable for pets too

    -Green cleaning products - Necessary for anyoen who wants to live a healthy lifestyle!

    -Many different herb supplements - All in veg caps, ranging from stress reduction to endocrine balance to detoxifying formulas, etc.

    -All natural skin care without toxic additives - Very high end skin care products made with all natural ingredients like essential oils and chlorella

    -Camu Camu - The highest vitamin C containing fruit - The highest natural source of vitamin C on the planet

    -And much more!!! - See a list of all the products here

    Enjoy :)

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