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  1. Fractual_

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    do they make good pets? whats fun about them and what do you do to take care of them? seems sorda wrong to keep animals in cages like that....
  2. Elle

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    yeah i personally wont care for any animal that i have to keep in a cage becasuse i dont like cages at all! however, animals such as rats, gerbils, etc need to have a cage and it is what it is......they need loving homes just as much as any dog or cat. i dont know anything about gerbils but id suggest if you are looking into getting a couple of them, to build them a cage instead of buying one (like a little gerbil apartment). that way you can make it very large with different levels and things and lots of room for stuff, which will make for some pretty happy gerbils:)
  3. Oz!

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    they make excellent lil' pets .... just think of them as skinny lil' hamsters on speed :)

    oh yes, and they'll breed like buggery if yer let em......
  4. opium_eyes

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    i never had a gerbil, but i know they're alot like hamsters only more hyper.
    keeping them ina cage is heartbreaking, but you can buy this giant ball thing that you pput them in and they stay in the ball but can run around wherever they want! my hamster loves it. making a cage is also a good idea. it costs alot less than buying one and you can make it whatever size you need. look up cages called "C&C" or cubes and coroplast. i haven't built one yet, but i read they're relatively inexpensive. you can also just grab some chicken wire lol.
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    if i were you, i'd get a rat, they are so smart and really cute and loving

    it's sad to have a small rodent for a pet though because they don't live very long........ i had my pet rat damien for 3 years and he died about a month ago.... i cried for like a week....... he was by far the coolest pet i've ever had
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    I agree that rats are better pets then gerbils.

    I do have a little gerbil tho named Ember.They like to be with company tho and are not as unsociable as hamsters.They are really hyper and love chewing.My gerbil is very destructive...chews way more then my rats and mice! I replaced 4 water bottles now and 2 wheels (ended up getting all of her stuff she cannot destroy!) make sure you provide a gerbil with lots of chew items! They are very friendly tho and can be trained.Mine isn't trained tho, as she don't seem to have an interest in anything like that.

    I hate keeping my rodents in a cage too...but where else would you keep one? Thats why you take them out for playtime everyday! Imagine life cooped up in a cage...even with all kinds of toys, you would eventually get bored and wanna venture out! So take your little friends out of their cage for fun times every single day!
  7. Wond'ringAloud

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    Totally agree that rats are better pets than gerbils. Having said that, we still had great pleasure keeping them. We let them out for playtime every day and they'd always crawl behind furniture and start to chew carpet, their lives seemed to be composed of chewing things up.

    We lost Monty one hot summer day. My daughter forgot and left her bedroom door open, and if he got the chance off he'd go exploring. The house doors were open and we were sure he'd snuck downstairs and outside. Searched everywhere and then I saw a movement in the bookcase; he was sitting among the soft toys sort of morphed into them, watching us panicking, little git. You gotta love 'em though.

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