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Discussion in 'Georgia' started by sprout, May 25, 2004.

  1. sprout

    sprout DeadHead

    Hey wheres all the GA kidz at? I know there were a few on before the great Hipforums crash but I'm wondering if any others made it back....

    Whos all from GA?
  2. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    Ya' know Ian..when ur profile said...south east... i thought you were from geroriga....hehe maybe i'm psychic..:)
  3. sprout

    sprout DeadHead

  4. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    Ian, i lost my i dunno when i will be able to chat w/ u.......i wanna come to gerogia.....i luv it there......especially Atlanta :)
  5. I'm going to University of Georgia next fall!
  6. ben

    ben Member

    im about 15min from the line and in ATL atleast once a week
  7. Inkspot

    Inkspot Member

    I'm from Georgia, South Georgia to be exact. I live about 5 hours from Atlanta and about three minutes from Florida...... Where is everyone else.
  8. makno

    makno Senior Member

    i could hit the state line with a rock.... bamma ga tn triad
  9. sprout

    sprout DeadHead

    I'm scared of South GA...Hicksville central. No offence of course. I live here too so I know the deal but there are some parts of south GA that I ride through on the way to Florida that I'm happy to make it out of. Nothing for the cops to do in the farmlands but be bored and shitty to hippy folk....
  10. submariner

    submariner Member

    Have any of yall ga folks thought about hippy hillbillies gathering deal the first week of july, I sorta know the dude and its sure to be a good time......
  11. I'm in Atlanta, actually I used to be a member of the old forums under a different name (gypsy420). Any hip folks feel free to email me:

    By the way, how about starting an annual GA gathering? (Along the lines of the Rainbow Festival or Bonnaroo). I think a live music/campout type thing would be really cool. I think it would be fun to get a lot of the heads from GA together but I'm sure a lot of people would come from out of state too if we could get something cool together.
  12. Dalee

    Dalee Member

    id go!

    im 15 min north of ATL (cobb)
  13. moonshyne

    moonshyne Approved by the FDA

    YES! That's a perfect idea. Why don't we start planning now?
  14. Hi Ya ! Im moving back to Georgia at the end of July. I have been away for a year. Im from Rome (NW GA) but I will be moving to Young Harris or Clayton (NE GA). Any family or folks near ? My boyfriend and I have been missing the land and friendly folks since we have been trapped like rats in a cage < concrete jungle >. Great Idea about having an annual gathering !! Blessings. Im just a kid in this crazy mixed up world !!
  15. pixitrixy

    pixitrixy Member

    OMG! I'm new to this community and getting together in Ga would be awesome. Let's do this...
  16. I'm in Savannah, Ga and I'm possibly moving to Atl in the near future.
  17. C. Marley

    C. Marley Member

    I'm in Gwinnett, 15 minutes east of ATL:sunglasse
  18. dilligaf

    dilligaf Banned

    wellllllllll there are plenty of Ga folks on this site,,, question is why doesn't anyone ever show up for anything in GA.???? HHB n all of us up here on the mtn have had a gathering the first week of july for the past two years and will again next year 2005,,,, and the years to come,,,,

    we have also had an open invite to anyone to come n hang round n help out round the homestead for over a year,,, and have also had threads even lookin for folks that need to make a few bux to come n help out as well,,,,

    we also have an open invite all the time for folks to pop in or stop by and visit or come and help work on the log cabin we are buildin for folks to enjoy,,,...

    aint tryin to sound like some snobbish bitch or nuthin here but,,,,,,,, in the over a year that i have been here mostly what we have gotten from anyone is empty statements n no shows ,,,, altho they say that they will ,,,,

    on that note ,,,, we are also putting an open invite for everyone for the weekend of friday october 29, 2004 thru the 31 of october of this year,,,, come on up bring a tent n come see what our lil 15 acres of private mtn land and us are all about,,,, put yer money where yer mouths are and ya'll come on up n visit....

    we are bout 8 miles outta ellijay ga. in gilmer county,,, anyone interested give either hhb or i a holler n we will get directions up n out for folks, or yas can go to our personal forum ( our front porch , come sit a spell ) and find directions there,,,,...

    soooooooooo,,, there ya have it ,,,, there are hippy folks in Ga ,,,,, just takes a bit of effort on the part of folks to find them,,,, and actually go thru with things,,,, and become more of a family,,,,
    luv n lite, dilli
  19. sprout

    sprout DeadHead

    Sounds good to me brother!

    Its just a matter of riding. You should post that in the events and festivals forum or something. Somewhere where people can see irt bettre
  20. Ebene

    Ebene Mountaineer

    i used to live in jesup georgia and i go there every now and then

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