Georgia Hippies

Discussion in 'Georgia' started by PoeticPeacenik, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Looking for some Georgia hippies to hang with and chat with. ☮❤✌:)
  2. you'll find them in oglethorpe county
  3. Why oglethorpe county?

    Edit: I googled Oglethorpe county and that's where Athens is located. Yeah, I've heard that Athens has a fairly large hippie community.
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  4. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Atl here feel free to pm me poetic
  5. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    It sure does if your into that college scene
  6. What bout that tweak scene ?
  7. Altman

    Altman Bull

    I'm in Georgia my fellow neighbors
  8. Blazingstars

    Blazingstars Members

    Holler at me anytime you like. Peace.....
  9. Piobaire

    Piobaire Senior Village Idiot

    Born in Athens, now live 5 miles north of the state line (as the crow flies).

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