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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by bloodshot, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. bloodshot

    bloodshot Member

    who can help?

    Endo has started to produce the generic version of oxycontin. i have only come across the 20mg but they do them all. here's the question, you can't snort them they burn like crazy, but can you chew them and by pass the time release? for that matter even with the burn, can you still get the nasal high? any other info about the Endo generic? what about water extraction?

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    hmmmmmmmmmm, when did this start? I was under the impression that only the 80's were being produced generically.
  3. bloodshot

    bloodshot Member

    yea a company called teeva did the 80's 1st. in 2005 Endo released their version in every mg. go to and you can see a picture of the tablets. pretty similar. the burn takes all the fun out of it. i'm really wondering if this cold water extraation can clean away the burn.

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Does it still work when insufflated? I know of some OC's that release some kind of shit that cancels out the drugs effects when done so, also I believe these certain pills are cancelled when added to liquids. BUT I could be wrong, I thoughT I heard something along those lines though, to prevent injection
  5. wangtangkiki

    wangtangkiki Member

    Yes.. why wouldn't they work when snorted? They don't burn that bad.. you just gotta get used to them, and a tip.. get a mouthfull of spit then put one oxy in your mouth then get a cloth, or a shirt and spit it on your cloth/shirt.. then wipe all of the pink off of it. Most of the pink stuff will stay on your tongue, and it doesn't taste too bad unless you hold it in your mouth. Wipe the pink shit off then chop it up with a knife.. then get a plastic bottle cap and push on the inside of it with your fingers and make a rotating motion on top of the oxy. It works great for crushing, and yes.. it burns some.. it burns my friends', but it never burns my nose cause i'm used to it.

    I do not believe that is possible because you have liquid/mucus, so it's wet in your body so I myself, do not believe that they can prevent injection like that.

    You may have heard of the new oxycodone ER that is gonna make it so if you chop the pill up that the naloxone will mix with the oxycodone and will disable the effects of the drug, which i have no idea if possible, but naloxone is an antagonist, and oxy = agonist.

    and ya endo has done it for a while.. any more questions?
  6. wangtangkiki

    wangtangkiki Member

    oh, and here is a tip, if you want a good drain (instead of the nasty oxy drain... well, i like it because I usually am already high before I get the drain because I let it sit in there (in my higher sinuses) and I get a placebo effect as soon as I do a line) but yeah, if you want a good drain, buy a breathmint and chop it into an equal amount as oxy and it should be soft, then sniff that and you'll have a good drain, without the oxy taste. :D
  7. Ellis D.

    Ellis D. Member

    a cold water extraction would solve your burning problem (remove all fillers etc) but then you will be stuck with oxycodone water. I bet if you loaded the water into an empty nasal spray bottle you would have a great long as the oxycodone to water ratio doesn't make you drown.
  8. wangtangkiki

    wangtangkiki Member

    haha yeah, you could also use the CWE method and then let the water evaporate, and scrape it out.. it's hard to scrape out, or it was for me atleast.
  9. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Why bother with a water extraction? There is no APAP or aspirin to eliminate. There are few fillers in actual Oxycontin, and the Endo versions (and every strentgh is available now, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg and 80 mg are available.) Only the plasticy coating would need to be taken off, but in some there are an other innner layer, because the drug is supposed to last 12 hours, and it desgned to gradually dissolve in the digestive tract over the 12 hours. Water extraction, AFAIK, doesn't eliminate the layers between "doses" but, I don't do water extraction, so I am not completely sure.

    There is no opiate antagonist in any version of Oxy. It has been talked about, by antidrug forces, but, thankfully, has not been done. Only Stadol and Talwin has this, Stadol, by design and Talwin has it added, and no doctor prescibes either anymore, due to the horrible side effects from the antagonist, especially if you already have a tolerance. But even people who don't can experience nasty side effects. But, no, there is no from of Oxy which contains an antagonist.

  10. wangtangkiki

    wangtangkiki Member

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