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    How are they made? anyone know? is there a special mold that makes them into individual hits?
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    30 seconds on google (tons of threads, tons of websites.)

    Thin Film Carrier: "Clearlight"
    Clearlight, also called window pane, has appeared in a carrier of small film pyramids (many colors). This form was achieved by spraying a mixture of LSD/jelling agent on to plastic light covers of small pyramids. Small film squares have appeared containing 225 mics of LSD (mid 1970's).

    Preparation of Clearlight Carrier: "Sheeting"
    Clearlight is formed by several different ways. A mixture of an appropriate solvent, with a jelling agent (more jelling agent makes sheets more flexible) is heated. LSD in solution is thoroughly mixed with the jelling mixture and then sprayed on plastic molds or sheeted using a apparatus that makes thin layer films for chromatography applications. The individual doses are cut using a paper cutter or eye agarose film cutter.
    Lamellae also called lamels or eye discs is a small medicinal gelatin disc containing a specific amount of a drug.
    Formulas in parts by weight"
    Gelatin Water Glycerin
    Lamel 9 parts 44 parts 1 part
    Gelatin Capsule 1 part 2 parts 1 part
    Gelatin Capsule 16 parts 20 parts 15 parts
    The heated solution can also be poured onto a waxed glass or porcelain plate, allowed to cool, peeled and cut.
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    Wow cool. Thats pretty informative

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